24 types of online freelance writing jobs in 2022 (stay at home AND earn!)

24 types of online freelance writing jobs (stay at home AND earn!)
Writers have a lot of niche job options to choose from to stay at home and earn. Check out these 24 types of online freelance writing jobs & opportunities.
Writers have a lot of niche job options to choose from to stay at home and earn. Check out these 24 types of online freelance writing jobs & opportunities.
Writers have a lot of niche job options to choose from to stay at home and earn. Check out these 24 types of online freelance writing jobs & opportunities.
Writers have a lot of niche job options to choose from to stay at home and earn. Check out these 24 types of online freelance writing jobs & opportunities.

Do you have a knack for storytelling? Do you catch yourself mentally reframing or correcting content? Are you so passionate about a subject that you can’t wait to share your thoughts on it?

If you are reading this article, hopefully, you have an aptitude for writing and a way with words. 

But now you are wondering should I take up freelance writing as a job?  What kind of freelance writing opportunities are there? What writing niches can I hone into? What are the various jobs as a writer that allow the flexibility to work around your family’s schedule?

Can you make money with an online writing job?

Yes, it’s actually possible to earn an income with writing. A lot of brands, startups as well as small business owners are hiring writers from different niches for varied kind of jobs. Fortunately, the spectrum of online and remote writing jobs from home is rapidly getting wider. And even better, it is now possible to find curated jobs for content creation and different types of writing.

Check out these awesome Freelance Remote Writing Jobs! Craft a winning pitch!

Among stay-at-home moms, 29% of those who are caring for a family have a college degree, which is a great starting point. But even without a college degree, if you write well enough, you can become a freelance writer. To get started with writing jobs from home, what you require is creativity, a computer,  internet savviness, research proficiency, and a desire to succeed. We also recommend 8 things you must do before starting Freelance Writing as a Job that help in help in  prepping your skills, brand, and mindset for a career in writing. Plus, some level of comfort with writing tools like Microsoft Word, Grammarly etc. As you start, remember, for the best chance to get hired, simultaneously document your past and present work in an impressive portfolio and focus on creating a personal brand that shines.

24 types of freelance online writing jobs that can help you earn while working at home!

Freelance writing falls in 2 main categories – jobs that mainly require good writing skills and general interest and awareness of the topic e.g. lifestyle writing or news reporting. The other group involves more technical knowledge, and it’s a great way to make money if you are in that industry.

I have outlined the less technical types of writing options first. 


To get your foot in the door towards blogging as a freelancer, you can begin by pitching guest posts to blogs within your area of expertise. You need to write cohesive long-form content that can be interesting and informative at the same time.

To land a paid gig, you need to ideally show both a body of work and craft a winning pitch that understands their style, format, and tone. Attention to detail & willing to go the extra mile to create better content than what’s already out there is another plus.

Grab these free resources to get started with Blogging.

Article writer

While the distinction between blog posts and articles has narrowed tremendously, a typical article would include interviews and more in-depth research. Many magazines and online publications work with freelance article writers. Pitching an article versus a blog post might even boost your rates.

Are you a newbie and wondering How to Start Building Your Freelance Writing Portfolio?

Check this blog to get answers along with 12+ examples to inspire!How to build your freelance writing portfolio as a newbie (with 12+ examples to inspire)

Marketing Copywriter

This job requires you to prepare both creative and persuasive copy to excite and entice new customers and drive action. It is ideal for someone with experience in marketing, advertising, communications or a related field. Knowledge of marketing funnels, Facebook ads, and landing pages is a plus. 

Here’s an example of a job description for a Product marketing copywriter.

“…experience crafting short, pithy copy (e.g., advertising copy, in-app notifications, push notifications, etc.)”

Social Media Content

Content for social involves creating the right headlines, descriptors, and calls to action for posts and campaigns. You might specialize in one channel, though it is advisable to have a wider understanding – what works for Instagram won’t work for LinkedIn. Similarly, optimizing bios and About pages is also a big ask.

Social media posts require brevity, clarity and the ability to match the tone of the audience and the brand. 

Check out this top Linkedin Course on writing with flair

How to Become an Exceptional Writer

How to be a better writer

Please note that when you buy something through this link, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Niche Industry writer

Ever wonder, how do I choose a writing niche?

If you are passionate about an industry, follow its updates avidly and possess reasonable knowledge and experience about it, then contemplate niching down. Real estate or the pet industry, for example, are two great freelance writing niches. Commercial real estate or Pet food is niching down even further. Consistent work in a niche category ultimately makes you the go-to freelancer, who brands and companies seek out. Narrow niches work because they position you as an industry expert to your target audience.

Here are 12 awesome examples of freelance writing niches to inspire you.

Use your talents, skills and personal experience to find jobs online & earn with freelance writing work!

Recipe Writer

Yes, it’s a thing. Given the explosion of food blogs (and the fact that a well-written recipe can get an article on Page 1 of Google), many food startups offer paid opportunities for this. So if this is your skill, know that it can become something big for you! What’s even better? From paleo to gluten-free to eating on a budget, you can write about your strongest relationship with food.

Family/ Parenting Writer

Teens, toddlers, babies- they all require manuals that you can write. From single parenting to managing large families, look for niche topics and viewpoints not yet delivered and pitch away.

Mental Health/ Mindfulness Writer

Along with the rise in technology, mental health and mindfulness have gained equal predominance. Personal experiences, trials, and wins make for winning pitches.

Travel Writer

Consider all the businesses that require content to attract travelers – travel agencies, the hotel industry, the food, and beverage industry, travel magazines & blogs, airlines, and cruise ships, etc. The list is immense and so is the need for copy. From traveling with children to RV living, you have the freedom to pick your niche.

Start your business right with your chosen niche!

Get this online Business Niche guide now!

Health and Fitness Writer

Fitness centers, magazines, blogs, etc require constant content delivered with a new perspective in exercise, nutrition, weight loss, lifestyle, etc. As a health and fitness enthusiast, you pick what you deep dive in. A good idea is to network with gyms in your neighborhood to find freelance writing jobs near you.

24 Types of Online Writing Niches - Work & Earn from Home!

Personal Finance Writer

Investing, saving, couponing, budgeting- do you manage your finances well? Do you inspire people with your habits? Then writing in this niche is a great way to educate others and earn some.

DIY Craft Writer

Scrapbooking, needlework, soap making, trash to treasure – are you a DIY Diva? Tons of DIY craft sites, parenting sites, and media companies can be your source for writing jobs.

Entertainment & Arts / Media Writer

Reviews, events coverage, trends, and celebrities – the media and entertainment industry has a fast-paced need for content.

Green Living Writer

Succulents, zero-waste, climate change, houseplants- as long as millennials are into ‘Plant Parenthood’, and the climate activists need help, there will be an immense need for content to match.

Find the best freelance and remote writing jobs from homefreelance and remote writing jobs

Beauty Writer

Personal care businesses and influencers want your expertise and writing savvy in their articles, product reviews, and tip-sheets.

Fashion & Style Writer

With a genuine passion for fashion,  a fashion writer needs to be on top of the latest fashion trends and events. Fashion writers create copy for fashion blogs, online and print magazines, as well as advertising and trade publications.

Real Estate Writer

You need a deep knowledge of the real estate industry to write for this niche. Blogs, contracts, notices, newsletters- it is a very lucrative niche and theres a ton of copy that is required.

Still struggling to identify your niche? Grab this awesome free toolkit and refine your interests in systematic detail!

Find your Blog Niche Toolkit

Email and Newsletter writer

A lot of companies and small businesses looking for writers who can create smart and snappy email content. This might be for newsletters, cold outreach to clients or creating email templates for customer service, etc. The ability to write ‘headline copy’ as well as sharing details in simple terms is a great asset for this job.

Writing compelling email copy that triggers an audience to action starts with email subject lines that drive open rates. Persuasive newsletter with clear and compelling calls to action has the power to weave the recipient into an inbound marketing funnel.

Experience with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Convertkit, Mailerlite, etc is required. 

Check out these 20 must-have newsletters for inspiration.

Web (or Website) Copy Creator

This is an extremely dynamic job as a writer. Web content writers write & update text and copy for websites and are responsible for generating traffic and increasing customer interest. Responsibilities might include developing new content, as well as refreshing the existing content to align with the guidelines and brand voice of the company. An understanding of SEO and keywords is essential.

Also read: How to Write Website Content That Generates Organic Traffic

eCommerce Writer

A major part of this online writing job as a writer is creating keyword-rich, successful, eCommerce product descriptions that drive users towards a purchase. You are also required to create copy for landing pages, category page content and eCommerce content that captivates a user. This guide can get you all excited about writing impactful product descriptions.

Get inspiration on how to craft great product descriptions!

Business Tools and freebies. Digital Products Marketplace on Maroon Oak

PR writer

As a Public Relations writer, your work will draw media attention and gain positive exposure for your clients by writing press releases, bylines, media pitches, PR proposals, etc. A good PR writer also knows how to edge out the competition and connect with journalists, bloggers, and consumers across all channels, including social media.

News Writer 

Fashion, Science, Cars, Food, what do you obsessively follow? If you keep your finger on the pulse on all things industry and news on a particular niche, via Twitter, press releases, and exclusive announcements, etc. then explore becoming a news writer in that niche.

Here’s an extract from a freelance writing job for a Shopping News Writer.

“… have a sense of urgency, strong news judgment, and an ability to write quickly, without compromising brand integrity or mission.”

Podcast show notes writer

This types of online writing job entails reviewing podcasts to create enticing time-stamped show notes that convince listeners to tune in. They should be written in a way that matches the host’s voice and style. Show notes should capture the key topics within the conversation that are essential to a listener, without giving all the biggest gems away. 

Check out the Anatomy of a winning podcast page.

Online Course Writer

With the blossoming online course industry, many subject matter experts need help in translating their diverse work & ideas into a course. Even course creators often need assistance with re-writing copy for better conversion or summarizing it into impactful landing page copy.

Tech writer

Jobs as a Technical Writer require both a degree and experience in a specialized field, specific to the role. The job might entail writing or editing technical documentation and planning Plus, creation of user guides and manuals as well as knowledge of certain document management software. Medical writing, Computer hardware, IT Technology etc. are some examples of top technical writing fields.

Resume writer

Resume writers work with job seekers to craft their new resumes and cover letters and turn them into well-crafted marketing tools that show off their skills and experience in the most compelling light.  They also edit and rewrite existing resumes, Linked In profiles and provide CV critiques according to resume best practices.

Knowledge of various resume / CV formats and Applicant Tracking Systems is a plus.

UX Copywriter

If you have a deep awareness of User Experience and how copy and design work together, then UX writing is a growing field. UX copywriters create copy for the customer journey on the web and mobile. They document the copywriting process from initial concepts through production and implementation including registration flows, landing pages, calls to action, microcopy, help text, email copy, social media posts, SEO optimization, etc. This job also requires you to focus on A/B testing and optimization for achieving key business goals.

SEO Content writer

As a content writer for SEO, you are responsible for growing organic traffic and converting website visitors into email subscribers and customers. Performing keyword research and competitor benchmarking to uncover target keywords is key to writing as a job for SEO. Using those keywords, you will create new, informed and relevant content and even plan, structure, and optimize existing content to improve their search rankings.  

Knowledge of tools like Yoast SEO, SEMRush and Google Search Console is also essential. SEO copywriting is a skill, which requires knowledge, continuous practice and a lot of patience.

Hone your SEO Skills (with these free resources!)

How to Write Website Content That Generates Organic Traffic

Report writer

Professional report writers are responsible for organizing and summarizing data. They generate and compile clear and easy to understand reports, complete with recommended improvements or new requirements for business process, operational procedures, and their corresponding reporting structures.


When bloggers, website owners, authors, etc. are too busy to cope with the technicalities involved in writing, they turn to ghostwriters to supply them with rich content. As a ghostwriter, it’s your job to take on their voice, style, and personality and write as if you are that person. You are financially compensated for writing original content like articles, journals, and books for them. However, someone else gets the official credit for your literary work.

Stay updated with the best freelance writing jobs & more for moms and virtual professionals

Grant writer

Grant writing is a request for funds. Writers research, identify and conduct the full range of steps required to prepare, submit, and manage grant proposals to foundations, corporates, and government sources. You require familiarity with grant research techniques and preparing supporting documentation and reports to meet grant guidelines. 

Find the best freelance jobs and opportunities

Proposal Writer

As a proposal writer, you essentially create sales arguments. A good proposal will highlight the specific benefits to the client, which can influence the buying decision.

You will support the creation and review of sales proposal presentations, content and templates. You’ll also provide technical writing for proposals to include Request for Information (RFI) through the Request for Proposal (RFP).


This job requires you to research and formulate themes for speeches and other public remarks, draft their substance and revise them as directed. You may also need to prepare, remarks, talking points, and oral briefings for your employer.

Translator or Multilingual copywriter

Knowing more than one language gives you an advantage to accurately translate content by understanding its meaning and context. You could be asked to translate product manuals, blogs, curriculum, financial reports and more.

8 things you must do before starting Freelance Writing as a Job

8 things you must do before you take on Freelance writing as a jobTranscreator

Transcreation combines translation and creative writing to preserve the emotional effect of the work. It requires more creativity and time as you need to preserve both the emotional connection and the cultural reference.

Curriculum writer

A great job for former teachers or administrators, this requires at least a bachelor’s degree. In academia, the job might require you to implement new educational materials or refine outdated curricula, while in business settings, it could entail designing employee training documents. 


This concludes our list of jobs you can do as a freelance writer. Freelance writing work is more promising and lucrative than in the past. However, so is the competition. This means that you will need to be good at your craft; be skilled in turning out a finished product and also marketing yourself well.

For a writer in any of the above fields, a well-structured piece of work, with impeccable grammar and spelling is expected. 

The good news is that the job descriptions above are not mutually exclusive. In fact, most online writing jobs will probably include a combination of two or more – so it gives you options. Start with this list of jobs for a writer and use your online networking skills to build a successful freelance writing business.

In an increasingly digital workspace, knowledge of SEO, social media, and collaborative tools like Google suite of products is an advantage that can be learned. Ultimately, to be a successful online writer, you need to thoroughly understand both the needs & tone of the business that hires you and the audience you are writing for.

Did we miss your writing niche? Please add it to the comments below.

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