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Aditi Tandon

You can’t use up creativity. The more you create, the more you have.

A Designer,  Entrepreneur & US Patent Holder, Aditi graduated from a top design school and subsequently started her own design and merchandising business. Co-founder at Maroon Oak– the Free Career Platform for Women, she has over 17 years of business experience with Two Dotts, her design consulting company and an Etsy store which serves as an outlet for her gifts and patented product designs.

A mother to a teen and a tween, she enjoys running, dancing and raising her newest baby, a Bichon named Miltie.

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How to succeed at instagram for business - 10 power tips from the pros!

How to succeed at instagram for business – 10 power tips from the pros!

Instagram can be a valuable tool in growing both your business and your brand. But what can you do beyond sharing a strong bio, and creating a great feed? Get these pro tips on how to succeed at instagram for business – get these 10 power tips from the pros!

11 marketing strategies to nurture your leads effectively

11 marketing strategies to nurture your leads effectively

Go beyond email and social media. How can you grow your business organically, with prospects you engage on, by making the most of your customer interactions and smartly using the different channels. Learn the 11 great marketing strategies to nurture your leads effectively.

holiday marketing ideas to maximize business

12 clever holiday marketing ideas to maximize business

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15 content tactics to grow your organic leads for free

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Monetize your Skills on New Platforms

Monetize your skills on new platforms! Whatever be your expertise, there’s a way to capitalize on it! Use our guide to learn about the multiple platforms that let you sell your products and services or teach remotely, in your own time with little or no investment.

23 Free Business listing sites

Top 23 free business listing sites you need to be on!

Visibility matters – make it easy for prospects and customers to find you. How can you use and maximize these top 23 free business listing sites. Learn the ways you can grow your visibility and drive traffic to your website without paying. Plus, pro tips and best practices for attracting customers.

Looking for a business partner

Looking for a business partner? 14 great ways to find one!

A good partner can be the critical part of business success but where do you find one? Check out these avenues – both regular and unusual – when you’re looking for a business partner.

how to generate awesome content for blog posts

Stuck for ideas? How to generate awesome content!

How do you come up with topic ideas for creating content that sits at the intersection of your business goals, your expertise and your audience needs? Why not use these 10 smart ways -find out how to generate awesome content for blog posts.


Lead your workday with 12 Efficiency Mantras

How can a mantra or guideline help you achieve the goal of maximizing your workday? Practice and lead your workday with 12 efficiency mantras or create your own.


A 5 step action plan- the future of work for women

Technology and the rate of exponential change is impacting the future of work extraordinarily, creating more questions than solutions. No matter what your business or occupation, make yourself future-ready by adopting this focused and doable 5 step action plan.

15 proven ways to accelerate your productivity

15 proven ways to Accelerate your Productivity

The challenge for most professionals is how to accomplish everything they plan on. Successful entrepreneurs share their secrets with 15 proven ways to accelerate your productivity approach and win.

Facebook groups for business

How to Maximize Facebook Groups for you and your Business

If you want a great way to connect and converse with your audience, share your expertise and grow your business, Facebook Groups are a must. Learn tips, ideas and smart hacks to maximize Facebook Groups for you and your business.

Grow your Instagram Brand with winning content.

5 clever ways to grow your Instagram Brand with Winning Content

Are you sharing content that your audience loves? Whether you’re marketing your business, endorsing a product, or sharing your personal brand, your content should always highlight your aesthetic and voice. Use these 5 clever ways to grow your Instagram brand with winning content.

Rock your Business Instagram

Rock your Business Instagram with 7 smart tactics

Looking for a a winning recipe to make Instagram rock your business? Step up your Instagram game with smart tactics to refine your strategies along some key metrics.

Learn, Baby Learn: Free resources to help you grow

Learn, Baby Learn: Free resources to help you grow

Today, experts are sharing thrilling & life changing content, curated across platforms. Learn about, & from these 12 amazing free resources to help you grow

#womenincareers rethinking skills, career and beyond

20 Sparks to Creatively Rethink Skills, Career and Beyond

How can you meet the new year head on? With novel ideas & a fresh perspective? Or even a creative viewpoint? Maybe even rethink skills, career and beyond.

Do you have a mentor yet? seek. meet and grow with theses tips

Mentors matter! How to Seek, Meet & Grow with one

A mentor can give you clarity and inspiration in any aspect of your career, and having one is a great way to shorten your learning curve. Yes, mentors matter! how to seek, meet & grow with one.

How to design a small business website your customers love

How to Design a Small Business Website your Customers Love

Smart design can turn a good website into a winner! But what counts & where should you focus, to design a small business website your customers love.

11 Podcasts to Lift your Mindset

11 Podcasts with the Power to Lift Your Mindset

Ready to learn? These 11 Podcasts to lift your mindset will equip you with great tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow.

14 great ways Entrepreneurs collaborate to win

14 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Collaborate to Win

Competition makes us agile. But Collaboration helps us create better products & services. Here are 14 awesome ways Entrepreneurs collaborate to win and get ahead.

My way to productivity and to prioritize time for learning

How I Prioritize Time for Learning and You Can Too

The less we learn, the harder it feels to pick up something new. An Entrepreneur & Mom shares the tools and tricks she uses to prioritize time for learning.

5 Point cheat sheet for non-designers

Make it Better – 5 Point Cheat Sheet for non-Designers

A pro designer shares her smart tips on using elements like color, fonts & balance in her 5 point cheat sheet for non-designers.

Enrich the Career Conversation with your Spouse - Maroon Oak

10 Questions to Enrich the Career Conversation with your Spouse

6 Entrepreneurs share their views on what makes some men great partners. Plus, take our proprietary Career Partnership Quiz to assess and enrich the career conversation.

9 Ways to Plan your Next Career Path

Unsure No more – 9 ways to Plan your next Career Path

Understand your strengths, and work with clear goals & objectives to embrace that new career you want, with these 9 Ways to Plan your next Career Path.

12 Happiness Secrets from Career Moms

12 Career Moms Share Happiness Secrets

Can you juggle? Do it all? Or find your own version of a balance between growing your career and raising your kids – 12 Career Moms Share Happiness Secrets.

5 Success Mantras

5 Success Mantras from a Creative Career

Design Thinking can contribute to great professional wins – from Teamwork to Feedback & Learning, here are the 5 Success Mantras that help Careers.

31 Content Ideas for Email Newsletter

31 Amazing Content Ideas for your Email Newsletter

Email may be regarded as an old marketing tool, but it still has great success. So why not use this awesome list of 31 Content ideas for your next Email Newsletter.

Inspiring Podcasts by Women

5 Inspiring Podcasts by Women

Explore this fun, easy way to pick up interesting and educational insights on life, success, career & happiness with 5 Inspiring Podcasts by Women.

Confident smailing woman on Maroon Oak

“What’s Wrong with Being Confident?” – 3 ways to become a Stronger You

Does your lack of confidence hamper your success? Let your self-belief be your greatest asset!

Girls learning together for a Girls night out Learning

Skill Up with a Girls Night Out Learning

Learning along with friends can add to your skills; it’s also a great way to stay motivated and accountable. Learn the interesting and creative ways you can benefit from Girls Night Out Learning.


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