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Targeted Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Solutions 

We help brands and companies fulfill their requirements for high-caliber professionals – for hiring  (in leadership, mid-management) as well as contract and freelance work. A strong community and an extended international reach enables us to recommend talent that’s a great fit. Whether your goal is to foster diversity in the workplace or support the back to work candidates, we can help!

Hire the best-in-class with Maroon Oak

Build a Team that works for your business!

Get highly customized recommendations in line with your hiring processes

Screened & skilled professionals for your requirements.

Our team screens & shortlists the best people from our extensive network plus other professional ones.

Culture fit for a superior job performance

With a keen eye for both functional and soft skills, we obsess on cultural alignment and compatibility

Global reach. Local presence

We place talent globally that works for your corner of the world.

Solutions delivered at speed

Our swift execution surpasses your need for immediate talent.

Our Goal is to support your needs by connecting you to strong leaders and key contributors. Maroon Oak combines the persistence of larger firms with the custom approach and personalized attention of a smaller team.  Our strength lies in offering you the human touch with strong professional judgement.

Aditi Tandon, Co-founder

Leading businesses are hiring via our Network!

Who’s hiring Women in Leadership, Management & Contract roles….?

Leading Brands & Corporates

Consulting Firms

High Growth Startups

International & Remote Projects

Global Non-Profits

Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms

Agencies and Small Businesses

Yes, it starts with ‘is the candidate’s experience relevant?’ But it goes well beyond assessing skillsets. Are they ready for a bigger, more exciting role? Do the skills & mindset match; and importantly, is there more to them than the Resume and LinkedIn?

That’s where our expertise comes in…

Pooja Krishna, Co-founder

Find Functional Smarts & Pedigree with relevant Personality Traits

Connect with professionals who have the skills, smarts and more…

– Digital Marketing & Growth

– Tech (Product Development & Strategy)

– Strategy & Business Development

– Design

– Ecommerce

– Finance

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Boost your hiring efforts with a custom approach to attract professionals, who are as passionate about the business as you are. Team Maroon Oak will match your hiring needs with proven performers, with impeccable track records.

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