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Everything Members get! Plus, premium features, more visibility, profile showcases, product listings, traffic to your site.

And, an incredibly valuable website evaluation!

List your Business

View Member Profiles 

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Custom Member & Vendor Profile 

Share Web & Social Links 

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Plus, Exclusive Pro Member Benefits!

Access to exclusive Opportunities

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Higher listing on Member Directory

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Why should you join Maroon Oak?

Because you (and your work) win here!

We help you connect, collaborate, reach customers and grow your business. Our large audience and awesome features are just a start!

We are the leading community of choice for hundreds of women from 30+ industries!

You can Network online, capitalize & build on your skills, connect with clients & opportunities, collaborate, hire, find mentors and advisors, and even list your digital products.

Our technology driven platform lets you find and be found! And our team of business, design and tech pros works tirelessly  to bring you top-notch features and services.

In short, this Community is for YOU!

Which membership is right for me?

You have two choices to score on Maroon Oak! 

Sign up as a Member

You can list your business, be seen on the Directory and get found by other Members. Plus, (explore and) get notified about prime Opportunities. You can list your free lead magnets and build traffic to your website! It’s FREE!

Sign up or Connect with 

Pro Members get all the Member benefits. And much more!

Plus, top billing on the Member Directory. Premium access features to connect with other Members. First dibs on freelance and job Opportunities. Email and web showcases. Access to our Marketplace as sellers. You can list your free & paid lead magnets and tools, build traffic and reach for your products!

And so many more…

What does being a Member help me become more visible?

As a Member, you appear on our business listing directory for women entrepreneurs. Which means your Profile card is visible to thousands who browse our Member Directory. Plus, our smart search makes you easily searchable even amongst hundreds.

There’s more.

You can share all your skills (choose from 200+). Plus, web and social links, portfolio and more on your custom profile.

When prospective clients want to know more about your work, your Profile shares your awesomeness!

Your skills help you stand out. How?

Every time someone clicks on any one of your skills, you show up in the listing!

Say your profile lists email marketing as a skill. Anyone who clicks on the e mail marketing skill tag will see you as one of the pros.

Awesome, right!

Showcase your work  with our comprehensive, feature-rich Profile!

Free Business listing for women entrepreneurs!

How does being a Pro Member help me stand out?

All the Member benefits. And lots more exclusive and premium privileges!

check markMore visibility, higher listing, first access to top Opportunities. You can also list your free and paid digital products on the our one-of-a-kind Marketplace. You can list your tools & freebies, memberships and more.

We make connectivity more personal and focused. You can Follow, Friend & Message other entrepreneurs, which is great for starting new business relationships & collaborations.

You are more visible in all the ways that count.

Get higher priority on Directory listings.


You can get your Member Profile verified – clients and companies love that!


You’re also automatically eligible for top spots & promotions by Maroon Oak. Here are some examples.

  • Featured Members on the Directory – you get seen first by thousands of visitors to the Directory.
  • Earlier Access to Opportunities and exclusive content
  • Email showcase – your work and skills are shared with our large subscriber base.
  • Blog inclusion – your profile, website, service or digital product can be a part of our highly ranked blog content.
  • You can get traffic and leads via your digital products.

Looking good so far? We have more!

Pro Members will also get a Comprehensive 25 point Website Audit Report.

This professional audit evaluates your website on design, usability, clarity of messaging, SEO best practices and much more. You get a team of experts and a fresh set of eyes to review your website with this unbelievable offer. Valued at $299, free for Pro Members.

(When requested by Pro Member. Email us the link and specific questions, if any. For Annual plans only)

All this at less than the price of one good coffee, a month!

In short, this is how your great online presence meets discoverability!

When will I be billed and why is the price so low?

We offer 2 great pricing plans for Pro Members. Depending on what you choose, you will be billed at the start of  the 6 Monthly or 1 Year cycle. We will send you email reminders  well before each renewal cycle.

We want to make Maroon Oak accessible for everyone. We have built the company on lean principles to keep the fees low for our Pro Members.

How do I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your Membership anytime at the current prices.

Members who opted to go Pro a few months ago were able to do so before we increased the membership fees.

Can I access Maroon Oak on my Smartphone or Tablet?

Yes, absolutely! We are a fully Responsive, Device Friendly Platform!

You can use easily Maroon Oak on your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.

View & update your Profile

Check out Members, Message them.

Post a Job or a Promo.

Read Blog Articles and share them on Social Media (spread some Career Love)

Plus, lots more.

Lots of Members save Maroon Oak to the Home Screen on their phones for anytime access. It’s that easy!

Read this handy guide to add Maroon Oak to your home screen.


Join hundreds of Women Entrepreneurs!


Pro Member

Exclusive Member benefits+ Premium Content!

Plus, a professional Website Audit Report (worth $299)*

*With Annual Plan only

Starts at as little as $5/month

6 Month Plan

Only $48

(20% off the 6 Month Price of $60)

Annual  Plan

Only $60

(50% off the Annual Price of $120)

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