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Why Maroon Oak?

Our large audience and awesome features are just a start!

Maroon Oak is the leading platform for women entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, reach customers and grow their business.

As a Member

check markYou get free Members Only access to our business listing directory for women entrepreneurs.

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You can follow other entrepreneurs, make new collaborations & get inspired by content shared & created by others.

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As a valued member, you are automatically eligible for spotlights and promotions by Maroon Oak.

As a Pro Member, you also get to list your digital tools plus more

check markNot just reach but traffic too. Unlike other platforms, you get the clicks, and conversions happen on YOUR website.

check markYour monthly Pro Membership comes at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

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Unlike others, we don’t charge commission on sales or click fee (other platforms do). Just one flat, monthly, low-cost membership.

Which Membership is right for me?

You have two choices.

As a Member on Maroon Oak, you can list your business, connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

Pro Members get all the Member benefits. Plus, access to our Marketplace as vendors. You can list your lead magnets and tools (scroll for details), build traffic and reach for your free and paid products!

How does the Pro Membership work?

It's simple!

check markYou sign up as a Pro Member.

check markAdd a digital product with info and links (Upto five).

check markUpdate your Vendor Profile.

Leave the rest to us!

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Your products appear in multiple listings on our website.

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Each product gets its own page and unique URL  – easy to market.

 check markThey are shared on the top 7 social media, Facebook groups and reach thousands via email.

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Customers buy, subscribe or redeem on YOUR platform.

What are the benefits of Pro Membership?

For less than the price of one latte a month, you get all of these amazing benefits:

As a Pro Member, you get all the Member benefits, plus, access to the only marketplace for digital products for entrepreneurs and professionals. You can list your tools & freebies, memberships and more.

Imagine a collaborator working round the clock to direct traffic to your store aka website as well as towards your paid products.

check mark

 Our Marketplace is the go-to place for your digital downloads, opt-ins and lead magnets.

check mark

Be a part of a highly curated Marketplace – your products appear in multiple searches.

check markGet more web traffic and views – all purchases and subscriptions happen on YOUR web or social platform!

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You convert so you capture emails and opportunities for future sales.

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Ample opportunities for upsells, cross sells and related product sales.

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Show off your brand – your Vendor (or Shop) Page shows all your products too (just like Amazon).

check markReach our large audience of women business owners, mompreneurs & careeristas.

check markMulti channel marketing – your products get repeat visibility via the web, social and email.

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Strengthen your sales funnel with your lead magnets, opt-ins and other free products.

check mark

Make more money on your courses and webinars.

check mark

Market to niche audiences (by industry, segment or proficiency) on a women’s platform.

What kind of products can I add?

check mark

Digital only! You can add virtual or downloadable products that users can click on, to watch, subscribe or buy.

check mark

The products can be free or paid; text, video or audio formats.

check mark

You can list an eBook, Template, Worksheet, Guide, Checklist, Workbook, Download, Printable, Podcast, Video, Social Membership or even a Course, Masterclass or Webinar.


check mark

What’s NOT included – services or service packages. E.g. you can list a pack of Pin Templates but not a monthly service offering say, 6 custom Pin designs. Similarly, a Webinar is okay but Coaching sessions count as a service.

check mark

Think entrepreneurship and career focus!

check mark

Tools that help our visitors create better businesses or professional skills will get the most views and clicks. E.g. An eBook on recipes might not see much interest but one on launching a food business or blog works!

Why can I only add 5 products?

We want to make sure your products is a great fit for our business and career focused audience in the Marketplace. Our goal is to offer quality, rather than numbers, and that the products should be are recent, relevant and highly useful.

When will I be billed?

We offer 2 great pricing plans for Pro Members. Depending on what you choose, you will be billed at the start of  the 6 Monthly or 1 Year cycle. We will send you email reminders  well before each renewal cycle.

Why is the price so low?

We understand and encourage lean entrepreneurship – running a business costs money. Our founders, 2 mompreneurs themselves, have built and helped numerous other women build their businesses on the same ideas – invest wisely and spend carefully!

How do I upgrade my Membership?

You can upgrade from the (free) Membership to a Pro Membership Plan at anytime. Just go to your Profile and click on the ‘Upgrade to Pro Member’ link.

Can I access Maroon Oak on my Smartphone or Tablet?

Yes, absolutely! We are a fully Responsive, Device Friendly Platform!

You can use Maroon Oak on your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.

Some of the things you can do from your devices:

View & update your Profile

Check out Members, Message them.

Post a Job or a Promo.

Read Blog Articles and share them on Social Media (spread some Career Love)

Plus, lots more.

How to: Read this handy guide

Lots of Members save Maroon Oak to the Home Screen on their phones for anytime access. It’s that easy!

What if I want to sign up later?

You can always sign up as a Member (it's Free) or as a Pro Member to list and market your digital products. But if you'd rather wait, check out our highly rated content, that can help you build a better business and career.

check markRead our Blog – original content on all things business and career.

check markView and subscribe to our awesome Tools and Freebies!

check mark

Sign up for one (or more) webinars – learn and implement new ideas.

check markWatch Videos on Demand – Short Clips. Loads of tips.

How does a curated Marketplace help me?

Curation helps in many ways – our search filters help visitors search and choose easily. Vendors who post high quality products (and include details) will appear in multiple searches.

Products can be viewed by category, type, cost, even ratings.

So if you’re looking for eBook that helps your create good looking content, and get it free, you can find it on our Marketplace.

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Join hundreds of Women Entrepreneurs!


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