Ready-to-use Interview & Resume Action Words & Statements

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How can you make a stand out impression with only a 1 page resume or a short interview? How do you cut through the noise on LinkedIn or keep the attention on a virtual call (and it’s not with a few soft skills)…

Yes, it’s always hard to gauge which skills to put in your resume? Or show interpersonal skills in an interview when the questions are all about your work.


Turn your accomplishments into Action Statements!

Or in other words, articulate your job skills impactfully, and outline your soft skills in clear and crisp ways.

Move away – and beyond – the bland and boring resume action verbs!

Make a Power statement with the right Interview & Resume action words“I’m a great communicator…or, I’m extremely creative ” isn’t adequate, certainly not without context or proof.

Instead, use the perfect blend of your work and soft skills impactfully! 

With our done-for-you Action Statements, you can easily highlight all your skills exactly the way employers and clients want.

Using a soft skills list or resume verbs is a start, but you need more…

Did you know that a key skill that employers want to see on resumes and interview conversations is ‘customer focus?’ 

Yet, it is not an easy task to condense years of ideas, achievements or experience into a few words.

That’s where this eBook will help!

Get the best ideas for sharing your work style and soft skills in interviews, resumes, CVs and cover letters – what to share and how to say it.

All the homework & research done for you with the right words – win with high-quality Resume Action Statements! (And loads of other avenues) 

What’s inside the Power your Hireability eBook?

Discover what companies want most and how to include them in your resume and interactions.

The top 15 work, soft skills and personality traits the best brands and companies value.

Over 250+ ready to use statements to use right away and customize your verbal and written communication 

The right resume keywords and sound-bites that work for leadership and mid-management roles or even if your resume shows limited experience

Ways to define your current skills that are relevant to today’s business environment – highly consumer driven, with a strong focus on upward growth.

Pro tips to spotlight What you bring, How you work and Who you are

Ideas to sharpen your interview skills with impactful communication

Done-for-you statements to add/ strengthen your soft skills on your resume or LinkedIn Profile

Importantly, resume skills examples that will look like they were written by you. In other words, clear and effective business English. (No crazy jargon here)

Interview & Resume action words and statements

Who can benefit from this Ready-to-use Interview & Resume Action Words & Statements?

This book is for you if you’re looking for new opportunities – as a professional in a competitive industry or an entrepreneur pitching new clients. (Think leadership, management, freelance, contract and remote roles).

You want to instantly impress with your resume or cover letter, your Linkedin profile. Or be memorable in your video introductions, even impress clients with your personality.

Your preference is to select and choose skill statements that work for your experience and personality.

Add these done-for-you Action Statements to your regular resume and to customize for specific job applications.

Soft skills and Resume action words for your LinkedIn Profile

You can showcase your job skills and traits in numerous places and ways.

  • Resume headlines and in the skills section, 
  • Resume videos, 
  • Virtual job interviews, 
  • Online Pitches,
  • Freelance portfolios, 
  • Phone interviews,
  • LinkedIn Profile, 
  • Upload resume on LinkedIn
  • Impress in Zoom interviews
  • Podcast interviews,
  • Performance Appraisals,
  • Or add a wow factor just about anywhere…

Conversing with employers online? How can you Ace your  Zoom or Skype Interview?

Create a strong impression that extends beyond your functional skills – highlight clear thinking, teamwork ethic and empathy. And lots more!


Why did we write this book?

In our work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals, we realized that while they were great at their work, the achievements in the resume or the interpersonal skills in interviews often didn’t come through. 

When limited room on a resume, how can Rebecca show her strong work ethic?

Here’s a resume skill example.

I’m a cooperative peer; candid yet fair  – this statement is super-effective in all of 6 words!

So how can you highlight your proactive, independent or reliable working style in a brief interview?

With the right words, of course!

With this book, we give you the right words and lines on a platter. Customize all your communication to match your personality.

And the best part, 

As you grow personally and professionally, this book and its extensive list of soft skill examples and statements will always be there with you to help you share your personality in authentic and articulate ways.

Who are we?

We are Team Maroon Oak! Two professionals with skin in the game.

Pooja Krishna is a business and finance Guru with over 22 years of experience and a passion for mentoring. She has worked with hundreds of professionals, peers and students in creating a solid brand presence and optimizing their skills and strengths.

Aditi Tandon, an award-winning designer is passionate about helping women design a better work-life and brings her decades of creative experience to the table.

Grab this eBook to Power your Interview, LinkedIn & Resume with action words and statements

Interview & Resume action words and statements

Work with – and maximize – the soft skills list that hirers ACTUALLY seek!

Why is this eBook valuable?

In a word, REAL DATA!

Yes, from top companies that are actually hiring and looking for these skill-sets!

We used a 3-pronged approach for this.

Our team researched, gathered and curated data from hundreds of job postings from top companies that are actually hiring and looking for these skill-sets! So we know what works and which ‘weasel words’ to stay away from.

And as the leading Opportunities Platform, we analysed job and pitch submissions to review real-life resume and LinkedIn examples. We also assessed interviews to glean the top talking points on skills.

Finally, we evaluated what’s working and which are the in-demand soft skills, in conversations with functional leaders and HR Managers.

(Employers including but not limited to – Warner Brothers, DoorDash, Mongo DB, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Rutgers University, NetFlix, AT&T, Baylor University, Levi Strauss & Company, Target, Claris, Novartis, Twitter, & Etsy among others, are seeking these skills.)

Show off the best version of you – action your interviews and resume with right words in powerful statements!

Don’t miss this awesome eBook!


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