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Guest Blog, Write for Maroon Oak


Do you believe in business & career enrichment for women? Have publishing or blogging credits? An in-depth understanding about your area of work? Then we’d love to share your message, tips and advice with our audience!

Guest Blogging on Maroon Oak is not a paid opportunity, but given our reach on the web (ranking on Google & Alexa) and social media, your work gets great exposure!

Blogging Guidelines

Topics we love (but not limited to):

Entrepreneurship, job hunting, success, mindset, social media for small business, communication, blogging, career options, work-life balance, How-to’s (how to start a career in …… Or how to use Evernote etc.)

We are looking for fresh perspectives on topics most relevant to women. Whether it’s an advice piece or a personal story of how you created a business out of a hobby, we want your personal voice, combined with examples and meaningful takeaways for our audience.

What we need:
Each guest post must be your own original work that has not been published on any other website, forum, chat or social media network. Suggested length 800 – 1500 words.

If you’re pitching a post, please share a query (1-2 paras) outlining your basic ideas. Please also include details of your Blog, Social Media and other publishing links.

If you’re sending a completed article, please paste it in the body of an email or as a Google Doc with a shareable link (but not as a document file).

Do include proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article.

Handy tips:

Do read the previously published articles to get an idea of content our audience likes and needs . To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, review the existing articles under your category of expertise.

Please also utilize the search option on our blog to view previously published articles on topics you might be thinking of pitching( to avoid unnecessary duplication of content).

Support your advice with examples – e.g. here’s why aggressive networking tactics don’t work or how you can grow your business through collaboration.

Make sure your article isn’t overly self-promotional – while your experience matters and you should call attention to it, an excess of advertising undermines pretty much everything you’re sharing. You can share links to your product or brand in your author bio.

The fine print:
We reserve the right to edit your article prior to posting for content, grammar, tone, clarity and length. However, we will send you the final edited draft before publishing, for  your review.
 Maroon Oak will create a main graphic for the post, so there is no need to send in one. However, we welcome images and/or video to accompany your guest post as long as proof is submitted that it does not infringe on copyright laws.

Plagiarism or copyright infringement is not permitted. When quoting others, please make sure to properly cite your source.

You are welcome to repost the article on other websites, with the attribution – Originally published on
 You indemnify Maroon oak from any potential legal liability that may arise from your published articles.

Please share your ideas and submissions at INFO@MAROONOAK.COM Email Us

with the subject line GUEST BLOG on Maroon Oak!


Video Blog by Maroon Oak Members


Maroon Oak Members can create and share tips on their area of expertise.

Just record a short video and send it to us. Our team will take care of the styling and share your video content.

Scroll down for Video Guidelines or see Video Blog Posts from other Members.

Video Guidelines

We invite all Maroon Oak Members to share their expert tips! (Not a member yet? Sign up and start connecting. It’s Free!)

New Member Benefit – Video!

Maroon Oak’s Video Blog is another awesome step in our initiative to grow Member reach and provide them more visibility with their audience. Members can share a short video about their work and tip(s).


Maroon Oak will share your video across the web and social media.

All you need to do this is to record a short video related to you and your work and email or text it to us.

Guidelines make it easy!

We have enclosed 4 key tips on creating impactful videos. 

Share Content your Audience loves

The most popular video content – how-to’s and tips, hands down! Share a tip (or many) about something from your area of expertise.

E.g. A quick primer on the benefits of yoga. Or top 5 reasons to have a beauty routine. Hidden hacks about Facebook pages. Why I volunteer.

Duration – Attention Spans are shrinking

We suggest keeping it to under 2 minutes – that’s plenty to share something meaningful AND not losing your audience. (Most of the most popular ads don’t exceed 30-40 seconds).

Styling – Make it interesting, fun, humorous, thought provoking

Breakdown your video into 3 main parts. A handy script or cheatsheet always helps (think fewer takes).

Head: Start with your name and company. (I am xyz, the owner/founder of or a PR head with…). Tell us what you’re going to share.

Body: You can show or tell your message. Use a demo, share a screen with voiceover or stay in frame yourself – it’s all up to you.

End: I’m (your full name) and a ‘thanks for watching’ message.

The Maroon Oak team will take care of adding captions, so your name and company name is clearly visible to viewers.
Note: These videos are meant for sharing tips on your subject matter expertise with your audience. Please do not make them primrily about self- promotion.
Layout – Always Horizontal!

You can record using your phone, but remember to turn it sideways before recording. (Else your video will have 2 ugly sidebars on both ends)


Maroon Oak reserves the right to approve, edit or reject any content.

Please share your ideas and submissions at INFO@MAROONOAK.COM Email Us

with the subject line VIDEO BLOG on Maroon Oak!


Present a webinar on Maroon Oak


Be a part of our Speaker Series (Webinars, Livestream and Virtual Summits) from Maroon Oak-  an initiative to provide quality content to our audience and visibility to speakers.

Look out for details on our Lives and Virtual Summit!

Webinar Guidelines


The #MaroonOakSpeakers Series aims to provide quality content that our audience wants and visibility to speakers.

This series will feature regular online events to reach our Member and non-Member audience, free.

The goal of these events is to educate, not sell!

 Maroon Oak will share & promote the events and create a buzz on the web and social media! (More details in Marketing below)

This is not a paid opportunity for speakers. However, given our substantial reach & marketing savvy, your brand and work will receive great and repeated visibility through these events.


Content – Share what your audience needs and loves!

Each Webinar or Live will cover a specific career or business focused topic with clear advice and actionable takeaways!

Ideally, we prefer new content (or a fresh perspective on content you might have previously presented).

You can present on any topics where you have expertise and which are relevant to our audience – e.g success, branding, growth, design, hiring, skills, business development, productivity, digital and social media, wellness, work-life balance etc.

The most popular content – how-to’s, tips, tools and hacks, hands down!

E.g. 9 ways to create a great website design, 6 strategies to use your Speaking Skills to make money, Hidden hacks about Facebook pages, What Corporate experience taught me about Entrepreneurship, Style tips for working women etc.

Note: Please do not pitch us topics that are unrelated to work and entrepreneurship. E.g. : ‘Fun summer styles’ is a no, but ‘How can busy women update their work wardrobe for spring’ would be considered.

The webinar will provide your work and brand visibility, but it is not a promotional vehicle. You are welcome to offer one service or an opt-in for the attendees.

Format & Duration
 You can participate in our Speaker series via two ways.
 Short videos which we will stream live on FB (3-10 minutes)
Longer Webinar videos for subscribers who sign up only (30-60 minutes)

You can do 1 or both. (Also see comparison chart below)

 Both Webinars and Lives need to be narrated presentations. Here’s an example of a recent FB Live – How to turn a good Website into a Winner.
You can create a Presentation with text and images with voiceover (recommended, as visuals tend to be the best way to learn) using Powerpoint or Keynote, or a Video.

How to create a Powerpoint File with Audio.

Add narration or audio in a Keynote file

  1. Both the webinar and the Live will be created/ pre-recorded* by you and broadcasted by us. Since the events are pre-recorded, it offers you complete freedom to create at your pace.
  2. You will then upload it to your YouTube account and email the link to us beforehand. While the broadcast will be handled by our team,  your presence will be required remotely for Q&As (via chat). The broadcast date and time will be finalized based on mutual agreement.
  3. Send us  your webinar as early as possible but at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date so we can create adequate promotions around it.

The Maroon Oak team will:

Invite participants through our social media and email reach.

Broadcast the Webinar/ Live  and manage the logistics on signups and attendance.

Assist you (in any other aspect of your presentation) if you need it. Just shoot us your questions


Here’s how your brand gets a boost!

The Maroon Oak team will share details about the webinar and you on:

On Our website – Webinars get their own page with your bio and links. See an example.

Via newsletters – reaches thousands of women

7 Social media channels, esp. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Our Facebook group

Other facebook groups

Next steps

Before you start

1. Send us a pitch or an outline of the topic you propose to present on, the format you want to go with and the approx. length. Due to a high volume of submissions, we might take upto a week to revert if we decide to accept your submission. IMPORTANT: Please include a link to an earlier video presentation as well as your web and social media links.

Pitches without the above will not be considered.

2. Create an account on Maroon Oak – it’s Free. Allows hundreds of members within the community to connect with you.

Please share your ideas and submissions at INFO@MAROONOAK.COM Email Us

with the subject line WEBINAR on Maroon Oak!

Comapritive features of webinars and lives


Please email us here - we'd love to hear from you!


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