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We are passionate about people and helping them find professional success!

Maroon Oak is a Talent Partner + Platform headquartered in the New York area, working with top clients and professionals across the globe.

As a boutique talent partner helping startups + tech companies hire, we work with founders and entrepreneurs and venture capital companies who value us for our work, agility and targeted and personalized approach.

Our skills-first talent platform connects #WomeninCareers across multiple industries and functions.

Meet the Founding Team

Maroon Oak Founders Aditi Tandon and Pooja Krishna

Two long-time friends with a common vision – the future of work is going to be led by strong skillsets and digital dexterity!

We’re excited about how technology is changing lives/ the world, and our part in supporting that growth journey for businesses and individuals.

And as professionals and moms ourselves, we are very inspired to bolster women professionals, whether it’s back to work, nurturing their leadership potential or enabling WFX (work from anywhere) possibilities.

Equal parts Salespeople and Storytellers, Thought Partners and Culture Champions, our small but mighty team brings rich experience and a solid commitment to our mission. And more.

  • We bring a strong business & startup sense that enables us to get into the heart of your business.
  • Global work experience, when you’re expanding, and need someone who understands the cultural nuances
  • A work ethic that embraces responsiveness, communication and transparency.

And we TRULY LOVE what we do!

Pooja Krishna

Pooja Krishna is the Co-founder of Maroon Oak

A ‘techie marketing strategizer’ and Mom, Pooja loves all things business! She has worked both in large corporates and managed startups over the last 25+ years after her MBA.

Pooja is a co-founder at Maroon Oak, and also founded Win Thinks, where she teaches and mentors students of all ages across the U.S on the fine art of entrepreneurship and work-readiness. A day trader for over a decade, Pooja launched Trading Paces to educate amateur and pro stock traders. Read about her on Huffington Post, Forbes and ThriveGlobal

With a lifelong learner’s mindset, her other interests include dabbling in acrylics, travel photography and container gardening. When she’s not spending time with family and her 9 year old, Pooja enjoys  drawing Zentangle patterns for ‘creative mindfulness.’

Read her Recent Articles.

Twitter : @PoojaKrishna@WinThinks


Aditi Tandon

Aditi Tandon is the Co-founder of Maroon Oak

Everyday creative problem solver and Design Thinker( IdeoU)!
A designer,entrepreneur & US patent holder, Aditi graduated from a top design school and started her first design and merchandising business at age 22.

She has over 19 years of business experience across various roles- Designer, Merchandiser, Consultant, Entrepreneur. Her creative outlet is Two Dotts, her design consulting company and an Etsy store – a home for her gifts and patented product designs.

A mother to two teens, she enjoys running, dancing, guitar lessons and raising her forever baby, a Bichon named Miltie.

Currently she’s passionate  about the future of work for women, applying design thinking to business & careers and solving challenges through creativity.


Read Articles by Aditi

Twitter: @AditiTandon01  Instagram: @TwoDottsDesign



Our team of rockstars! These dedicated and and knowledgable professionals work with us from across the world – in tech, content creation, marketing outreach and collaborations.

Meet our superbly talented Guest Bloggers!

(In no particular order)

They bring their expertise and experience to share winning insights on business, marketing, productivity, wellness and more.

Find lots of in-depth tips and answers on the leading business blog for women.

Want to write for us and reach thousands? Send us your pitch.

Amy Applebaum - blogger on Maroon OakAmy Applebaum is an entrepreneur, business coach, author, media personality, wife and mom to a precocious 5 year old.

Prachi Jain - blogger on Maroon OakPrachi Jain is a content marketer, short story writer, mother of two kids, as well as a ‘cook, cleaner, and errand girl.’ Her work has been published in Huffington Post, Brown Girl Magazine, and on her Blog.


Suzanne Brown - blogger on Maroon OakSuzanne Brown is a strategic marketing and business consultant, advocate for professional part-time working moms, TEDx speaker, thought provoker, and the creator of Mompowerment.

6 winning steps to turn your blog content into a Book by Julie Broad - - blogger on Maroon OakJulie Broad is an Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author, an International Book Award Winner, and the Founder of Book Launchers, As an entrepreneur and successful real estate investor, she was also awarded the Top 20 under 40 Award.

NIDHI IDNANI - blogger on Maroon Oak

Nidhi Idnani is a wellness pro and runs her Reiki & Meditation practice iReikiNow, where she helps people achieve personal growth, self-awareness, spiritual development and overall well-being.

Caitlin Faas - blogger on Maroon Oak
Caitlin Faas, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology and Life Coach who helps clients reclaim their time and be accountable.


Supreet Bains-SHarma - blogger on Maroon OakSupreet Bains-Sharma is an award winning public speaker and trainer on Leadership Development, Presentation styles and Public Speaking through her company Ark Consulting Services.

Raya Khashab - blogger on Maroon Oak
Raya Khashab is the CEO and co-founder of ezClocker, a time tracking and scheduling software for small business.


10 great places to Book Speaking Engagements and land speaking gigs by Sharlrita Deloatch - blogger on Maroon OakSharlrita Deloatch is an International Best Selling author, coach, Podcaster and speaker the creator of Publish & Speak with Sharlrita, where she empowers rising professional speakers.

Alexis Schroeder
Alexis Schroeder is the owner of FITnancials, a blog dedicated to serving women who want to achieve financial freedom and grow their online business.

Mary Sue Papale Mary Sue Papale is the co-founder of Ashbury Skies and the BENDY. The BENDY is a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint, handcrafted in California.

Jennifer Landis
Jennifer Landis is a mom, writer, and blogger. She enjoys tea and tacos, but not often at the same time. Find more from Jennifer at her blog, Mindfulness Mama.


Jessica FosterJessica Foster is the founder and lead SEO Content Writer at Keys & Copy – a premier content agency that serves SEO and digital marketing agencies.

Val Breit
Val Breit is a stay-at-home mom by day and an online entrepreneur by night. TheCommonCentsClub.com is where she reveals proven ways to design your best life without going broke.


An MBA and an Economics graduate, Priyanka Singh has over 15 years of operational experience in the financial services sector.


Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson is a digital nomad writing about business and tech. You can get in touch with Ashley via Twitter.


Lucy ManoleLucy Manole is a creative content writer and strategist at Right Mix Marketing Blog. She specializes in writing about digital marketing, technology, entrepreneurship and education.

Amy Fields
Amy Fields specializes in content creation strategies and search engine optimization and runs her consulting business, Hub Digital.


Becky Mollenkamps picture

Becky Mollenkamp helps established B2Bs spread their message by writing compelling content that educates, inspires, and activates their target markets. Learn more at BeckyMollenkamp.com.

Mariam Tsaturyan
Mariam Tsaturyan is an Attorney, Freelance Blogger, and Writer at Freelance and Marketing.


Cassie Lambert

Cassie Lambert is an online trainer, army veteran, and strength coach for women.

Aditi Wardhan Singh
Aditi Wardhan Singh is the founder of the web magazine: Raising World Children – where culture meets parenting.


Morgan Tyner_Member Directory Maroon Oak

Vibrant speaker, life coach & business mentor, Morgan Tyner’s genius is helping women embrace their capabilities, take messy action & monetize their passions of creating via their authentic voice. find her at ChicaConfident.com.

Breanne Sutton
Bree Sutton is a Mental Health Clinician & Energy Worker based in Alaska. You can connect with her on Intuitflow.


Joy smith on Maroon Oak

Joy Smith is a speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, mother of four, and grandmother of six. She is the founder of Joy Organics.

Tabitha Jean Naylor

Tabitha Jean Naylor is the owner of TabithaNaylor.com, a full-service marketing firm that delivers ‘big agency’ quality at rates that are affordable for startups and small businesses.


Zoe Martin

Zoe Martin is the owner of Zoe Martin Photography, a studio that niches to business professionals seeking to make a connection with their ideal clients through Personal Branding Photography.

Meg Brunson

As a former Facebook employee, Meg Brunson founded EIEIO Marketing to help entrepreneurs and small business owners find success with Facebook marketing through courses & management services.


Our Guest Bloggers Rock!

Articles by our Guest Bloggers have been shared over 7K times on social media, and thousands more via the web and email. Check out our highly rated blog for women in business. Or reach out to us, if you’d like to write for us.

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