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Marcine_Member Directory Maroon Oak

“I am so grateful that I found Maroon Oak. Through this platform, I have met many highly qualified professional women who have offered their support and business knowledge. In addition to networking opportunities, Maroon Oak has provided valuable content for women business owners like myself. I would encourage others to join and explore Maroon Oak.”

Prachi_Member Directory Maroon Oak

“Maroon Oak’s platform not only helps women network and collaborate, but also in boosting the confidence of many who are getting back in the workforce after a break. As an organization, relating on a personal level and making members feel they belong is definitely not commonplace. Kudos for fostering this camaraderie!”

Morgan Tyner_Member Directory Maroon Oak

“Maroon Oak opens up a phenomenal opportunity for me to further speak with my own ideal, target audience! It brings new collaborative connections, which is absolutely essential for successfully creating, managing, and sustaining my Chica Business! Huge shoutout to Maroon Oak in developing an authentic, practical space for fellow female creators & myself to meet, connect, and grow alongside each other! It’s incredible.”

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Free Business Networking and Opportunities for Women. Press features and mentions for Maroon Oak - Forbes, HuffPost, Glassdoor, Thriveglobal, SkillCrush.

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