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Kudos to this brilliant and beautiful duo, Pooja Krishna and Aditi Tandon and their creation Maroon Oak!! Building a platform for women to connect as they develop their professional identities, a much needed resource and absolutely critical in contributing to the bigger picture of empowering women to be creative, self sufficient and resourceful!!!

– Rupa Khetarpal, Professor, Rutgers University

How Ellen Wins on Maroon Oak!

Maroon Oak – a wonderful resource started by a local mom!

Laura Begg

Thanks for all you are doing for women empowerment and mentorship ….. This topic is very close to my heart !!!

Devayani Popahali

Congratulations for your terrific contributions. Best wishes.
Rosario Quiros Venegas, Accounting Professional
What a great platform founded by these two remarkable women! Proud to be associated with Maroon Oak!
Rupa Gurumoorthy, Founder, Toy-Yo

2 remarkable women taking on the task of empowering women to reach their career heights and enabling women to regain their lost confidence in being independent and helping in starting their career.

Kruti Kapadia

Congratulations u both are doing a lot for women who have left there careers for kids. Keep it up its great work.

Priyanka Singh, Entrepreneur


It’s a great resource for all women. Having attended their events, I must add that they are informative, and relevant.

Nidhi Idnani, Entrepreneur

Great connectivity through Maroon Oak.

Mary M Davis, Realtor, Keller Williams

Thank you Maroon Oak for this networking event! Each success story was more powerful and motivating than the other! It reinforced my belief that we are strong only because we are women.

Prachi Jain, Author & Entrepreneur

Fabulous night of learning, and connecting with many amazing women. Thank you for putting it together.

Camille Miller, Natural Life Partnership

What a fantastic networking event it was!
Highly inspiring stories by every single woman who attended the holiday event!
Look forward to hosting it every year 

Kavi Mohan,   Kavi’s School of Dance

Attended a wonderful networking event organized by Aditi Tandon & Pooja Krishna, owners of Maroon Oak, held last evening at Kavi Mohan‘s dance studio.

They have started Maroon Oak, a platform for budding women entrepreneurs or women who want to get back into the system, but who lack confidence having stayed home for more than a year for various reasons.

Please do feel free to build your profile and share your talents, skills, hobbies as you never know your hobby or talent may be a need for some company ?. If you are well established in your career you can always help mentor other women who may need that little boost, so please do visit Maroon Oak.

Sundari Rao, Montessori Teacher


Love your posts!

Skylar Pothier,  Fitness Coach

Love what you are upto! Keep it up!

Denise Cardenas, Sales Trainer

There needs to be more people and pages like yours. Absolutely love it!


Inspiring stuff!

Seven Career Coaching

I really like the content and value you provide.

Kathy McDowell,  Entrepreneur

Such a great post!

Kathy Fielder, TV Personality, Lifestyle & Design Expert

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