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Are you looking to…
  • Connect with women entrepreneurs and careeristas, building strong businesses and professional identities

  • Build your brand with the most decisive and influencer demographic of mompreneurs, solopreneurs, online business owners, millennial gig entrepreneurs.

  • Leverage the reach and credibility that we, as the leading Community for Women bring.

What we look for…

Do you stand for a trustworthy brand or business that believes in empowering and enabling women?

Is your product or service  relevant to women in business or careers or women entering any of these arenas?

Why work with Maroon Oak?

We are already well known for quality content that covers differents aspect of entrepreneurship and careers for women.

Our articles reach thousands across the web, the top 7 social media as well as our constantly growing email subscriber base. Plus, lots and lots more on social groups and forums.

Our website has a strong Alexa ranking, a testament to our traffic quality and backlinks.

Our features and mentions include leading publications and blogs including HuffPost, Forbes, GlassDoor, Recruiter, SkillCrush, BusinessNewsDaily, Fit Small Business, Chase Small Business, and lots more!

Here’s what our team is truly proud of!

We are audience focused!

We care deeply about our readers and Members, their challenges and goals;  and our blog posts reflect that. From business growth and social media to wellness, productivity and curated content, we have in-depth, long form content that our readers find both useful and relevant.

We are quality obsessed!

All our articles are well researched and include links and data sources (where applicable). We also share lots of examples and images – for clarity and ease. Our content is evergreen and the info is regularly updated, as technology and new business practices evolve.

We are engagement minded!

Most of our posts are shared over and over on social media and via email by our readers. Plenty of readers also share write comments and feedback, whether they are critiquing the tips or embracing the advice.

Entrepreneurs Collaborate to Win

How can we collaborate!

In our efforts to provide the best resources to our audience, we look forward  to work with your future focused and customer centric business.

Here are two ways your brand gets in front of our highly engaged audience.

1. Sponsor a Blog Post

(For brands and businesses)

Sponsor an existing or future post. Your brand gets a feature mention right on top with a ‘Sponsored by…,’ as well as a link and description. Here are two ways to go about it:

We can write the article: You are welcome to suggest the general topic. Our team will create the post and the final draft (800+ words) will be sent to you for approval, before publishing.

These are some of the categories that our readers love – Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Social Media, Business Strategy, Design, Marketing, Content, Personal Development, Branding, Networking, Work-life balance, Productivity, Finance, Skills, Career Style and Career Wellness.

You can submit the article: our goal is to educate, not sell. So the post must be informative or persuasive, with tips, ideas and takeaways.

(A few link inclusions are fine, overly sales-y posts are not).

Here’s an example.

How to manage your finances from the get-go is great!!! How do women entrepreneurs take care of foot pain is not.

We reserve the right to include and/or modify the blog post, keeping our audience interests in mind.

2. Get a feature mention

(For entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers)

A feature mention puts your brand visibly in our blog post as an example of a best practice or clever tip – examples below. The inclusion will be in an article that’s relevant to your niche, with an image and a link (to your website or social media page).


Please write to us at for our media kit and mention ‘Sponsorships’ or ‘Feature mention’ in the subject line.

If you have questions or would like to make a suggestion on how we can work together, we would love to hear from you!

Please write to us at for our media kit and mention ‘Sponsorships’ or ‘Feature mention’ in the subject line Email Us

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