Linkedin Profile Review

LinkedIn Profile Review

Your brand. Our insights. Success!

Is this the saga of your Linkedin Profile?

You are trying to find a job using Linkedin and not finding much success

You’re a business owner wondering how to use Linkedin to get business or clients

Your LinkedIn Profile doesn’t have the ‘right keywords’ everyone’s talking about

With so many professional features, you don’t know which ones matter and what should you focus on

You’ve wanted someone to look over your LinkedIn Profile and let you know if you’re missing vital information.

Your Profile is updated, but doesn’t seem persuasive and inspiring.

You are not sure if you should even bother with Linkedin…!

Then you are not alone!

Did you know that 99% of all LinkedIn Profiles are not optimized? 

(Which is like sharing only a fraction of your awesomeness…

Is your LinkedIn Profile important?

Yes, it is indeed worth the fuss – for so many professional reasons!

LinkedIn is your best online resume!

As well as a huge asset to your digital brand.

Your connects are your ‘social proof’

Think 300 (or more) business owners, executives, authors, CEOs that are directly connected with you.

Clients want to check out their service providers, VAs, coaches etc

LinkedIn gives them a common platform to review and compare.

Find freelance, seasonal, contract or project work

A lot more companies are hiring, posting jobs on LinkedIn. And everyone is searching on it too.

Find and connect with stakeholders by using Linkedin for your job search

Influencers, sponsors, advisors, investors or mentors online – LinkedIn is the best way to check each other out.

 Grow your Business and Blog

Use LinkedIn’s Feaured or Published features to direct viewers to your website and portfolios.

Attract more leads, collaborations, speaking engagements

You can command better prices with your strong Profile.

And the No. 1 reason to create your rockstar LinkedIn profile?

Your LinkedIn Profile is usually the top search engine result when someone Googles you!

Explore more reasons on why a LinkedIn Profile is important


Bottomline: when clients or employers are searching, you want to be found!

And we want to make it happen for you!

Rock your Professional Brand with a custom Linkedin Profile Review

We will assess your LinkedIn Profile for completeness, quality, use of keywords, support information, suggestions for outreach and networking.

What You Get

What is included in your personalized LinkedIn Profile Review?

Not your average computer generated, cookie-cutter Profile Review. No ma’am!

The best Linkedin Profile Review


Our team will go through your LinkedIn Profile in detail, and tell you everything that can enhance your work and credentials.

We use a combo of smart tools, qualitative techniques, and data insights to give you a high-quality Report.

An in-depth Features Audit checks for anything that might be missing, in order to improve your Linkedin Profile.

We also rate the quality of info already shared, so you know where you stand strong and what needs some work.

You get practical recommendations as well as smart LinkedIn Profile Tips on strengthening your brand and authority.

And you don’t have to worry, if you aren’t aware of LinkedIn’s newest features. Because we are!

Whether you want to use Linkedin to find a job, promote your business, or attract more clients, an expertly optimized Linkedin profile can work wonders!
Do you need to pay an arm and a leg  (upwards of $199 or more that others charge)?

Absolutely not on Maroon Oak!

Pay only $99 to get your Smart LinkedIn Profile Review Report

Ready to enhance your visibility, brand & work prospects?

I’m a woman over 18 and I have read the terms below.

Branding for women entrepreneursWhy do leading women entrepreneurs and professionals value our LinkedIn Profile Reviews? 

Experience. Insight. Value.

An expert pair of eyes always helps refine something, but there’s more here. Lots more!

We work with thousands of women entrepreneurs and professionals, which gives us an in-depth understanding of their goals and work philosophy.

Our Team reviews hundreds of Profiles, using a sophisticated Scoring Technology and Keyword matches.

After the Profile assessment, our co-founders who are experienced business mentors, weigh in with the final evaluation.

We work to make it easy for you…

“Thank you for the detailed strategies on how to improve my Linkedin Profile. And you were right, it took less than an hour of dedicated time to apply most of your suggestions. I was delighted to be approached by not one but two head -hunters right away and I’m excited at the prospects. Thanks to this, I am now committed to regular incremental improvements on my Linkedin Profile going forward.”
-Rachel P

Is this Linkedin Profile Review right for you?

Sure! If you are a woman business owner, job seeker, freelancer or relauncher (over 18). And you’re…

  • Looking to get found by employers
  • Wanting to connect with clients and companies
  • Marketing your skills and growing your brand
  • Sharing your credentials digitally
  • Aiming to be more findable online
  •  You want to enhance your brand awareness with an awesome community of highly skilled women! 
“Every time I looked at my Linkedin Profile, which I honestly did try to improve, I really could not figure out what to do more. And so I just let it go. This is one of the best investments I have made. The review was simple, straight forward, clear and easy to understand and implement. If you want some detailed hand -holding, section by section, I recommend you go for this.”
-Jean C

How it works

Fill out the form with your details after you pay the Review fee.

We revert with our detailed Report within 7-10 days (depending on how many are ahead of you).

The good news – our Feedback is always relevant and Recommendations will be actionable right away!

Pay only $99 to get your Smart LinkedIn Profile Review Report

Ready to enhance your visibility, brand & work prospects?

I’m a woman over 18 and I have read the terms below.

Terms & Conditions:

Each payment covers a one time LinkedIn Review Report only!

Reviews are conducted in the order we receive from you.

Please review the above information carefully to ensure you are eligible for submission. We do not offer refunds on payments and Maroon Oak reserves the right to reject incomplete, and inaccurate submissions.

We will not review prohibited, lewd, harmful content, or content that does not match our policies. Maroon Oak reserves the right to reject inappropriate submissions.

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