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Website and Brand Audit

Let’s give your website the love it deserves!

Is your website working for you…? Really working?

You have an attractive, feature-rich website. Yet, you’re not seeing the traffic and growth you want…

You’re trying to figure out how to convert more sales on your website.

You want to freshen up your brand, layout, content but don’t know where to start.

A total overhaul is necessary, but you believe that the right fixes would help hugely!

You’re comfortable redoing your own website but could totally use a little guidance.

You are not alone…

87% of small business owners believe that their websites need improvement. Nearly a half (45%) feel that their site’s layout or design needs improvement.

When you have less than 8 seconds to grab your user’s attention, what will they see on YOUR website?

How to design a small business website your customers love

Don’t say Adios to your web visitors even before the Hello!…

Our leading Website & Brand Audit can take your business in the right direction – up, up and beyond…

No, it’s not magic.

But our expert assessment, deep understanding and actionable recommendations can be quite magical.

Let’s create an awesome website and business brand…together!

How we do this   What you get and,     Why work with us

 We excel at strategy and focus on detail…

“My website looks awesome, but it doesn’t convert!”

Does your content have the right words, is logical and client-focused…?

Go from propose to persuade! We can help you improve how you present content, calls to action, and lots more!

“I have an awesome logo and a nice layout, but the ‘look’ just isn’t working…”

Until your brand elements come together, in a consistent and cohesive way, the client doesn’t see it as such.

We offer practical tips in user-friendly language that can help you implement a clear brand template!

“Not getting traffic or click-throughs to other pages…!”

If the website navigation sucks, the reader gets lost.

We can help you lay out a clear navigation plan, starting with the menu and adding the right prompts in all the right places…

“Can I make my business more findable on Google?”

A few simple – and free – fixes can make your website way more findable.

Get the skinny on more visibility – we tell you where and how…

“I don’t know what will convince my prospects to commit…!”

Maybe your pitch hasn’t warmed them enough…

Our recommendations are geared to your specific success triggers. We understand what converts for different types of businesses and what convinces customers (and what puts them off…)

“I want to charge what my services are worth.”

As you should. The stronger your brand, and the clearer your benefits, the more convinced your customer will be.

With our inputs, you won’t need a large, slick or jazzy website to command better prices. Instead, win with a clear idea, and specific and well laid-out info that focuses on all the right reasons why clients should work with you…

Don’t take our word alone. Here’s what our customers say…

“This was really helpful for my blog. Having someone show you the tweaks that you miss simply because you stare at your work all the time is a game-changer. I was honestly surprised by the many suggestions that now seem so obvious. Just one simple change has tripled my opt-ins and lowered my bounce rate. Totally money well spent!”
-Nicole J.

Wow your visitors, readers or future clients!

And we’d LOVE to make it happen for you!

Websites that convert- get your website audit

What does our custom Website and Brand Audit offer?

We will assess your website for all the essential elements – marketing strength, navigation, user interface, brand appeal, persuasion, quality of information & technical strength. And we will make detailed recommendations for all of these!

 Not your average computer generated, cookie-cutter Website Report. Never!

Your personalized Website & Brand Review is crafted in line with your business goals.

Our team will evaluate your website in detail, and tell you everything that can enhance your work and credentials.

We use a combo of smart tools, proven techniques, and data insights to make relevant recommendations.

Our in-depth Audit checks for anything that might be missing, in order to improve your website’s navigation, marketing elements, user experience, look and feel, and brand styling.

We evaluate your brand, marketing and style elements so that your website not only looks professional, it also commands the premium any good brand deserves.

You get practical recommendations on what’s working, and what you can improve. Learn everything you can DIY, and be informed if you need an expert.

And rest assured if you don’t do tech. Because we love tech, but also leave aside the jargon. Instead, we make our recommendations in plain and extremely actionable English 🙂

Whether you want to use your website to grow your service business, build up your blog, sell digital or physical products, we can help you revamp, tweak or enhance your site!

 Why do your Website & Brand assessments with us? 

Website and Brand Audit for women entrepreneursWe know the science. We understand the market. And, we have a crackerjack team that delivers!

Your website is evaluated by our Team of professionals who are aces at Marketing and UX.

We also run standard tests that tell us more about the technical workings of your site.

Added to this, our co-founders who have in-depth business & product design experience do the final evaluation.

We work with thousands of women entrepreneurs and business owners, which gives us in-depth understanding of their buying behavior and business needs.

And, importantly, your success is our delight!

“This has been one of the most useful, informative, and time saving services I’ve invested in. I have literally spent hours agonizing over the countless elements on my website. I got so much clarity that it’s not just about having my website but how to make it work for my users! HIGHLY RECCOMEND 100%.  BOOK IT NOW! “
-Trish M.

You’re wondering what all this will cost..  (upwards of $499 that most others charge)?

Absolutely not on Maroon Oak!

We know how much you love your work and want your customers to love it too! As an enterprising DIY entrepreneur, you want to have a grip on of every aspect of your business. We also know that most business owners and solopreneurs work on lean budgets and would love to afford a specialist to guide them once in a while, but find it difficult to justify a big expense. That is why we decided to make our audit super-affordable, but completely personalized to your needs!

Pay only $149 for your Custom & Comprehensive Website & Brand Audit Report

Ready to enhance your website, brand appeal & marketability?

I’m a woman over 18 and I have read the terms below.

Is this Audit right for you?

Sure! If you are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Service Provider, Coach, or Agency. And you’re looking to scale your business in one or more ways, like the examples below.

  • Grow traffic
  • Convert visitors to leads and leads to prospects
  • Sell your physical or digital products
  • Sharing your credentials digitally
  • Be more findable online
  • Enhance your brand awareness

How it works

Fill out the form with your details after you pay the Review fee.

We revert with our detailed Report within 7-10 days (depending on how many are ahead of you).

The good news – our Feedback is always relevant and the Recommendations will be actionable right away!

Don’t delay anymore!

Pay only $149 for your Custom & Comprehensive Website & Brand Audit Report

Get ready for a website that rocks for you and your customers!

I’m a woman over 18 and I have read the terms below.

Terms & Conditions:

Each payment covers a one time Website and Brand Audit Report only!

Reviews are conducted in the order we receive from you.

Please review the above information carefully to ensure you are eligible for submission. We do not offer refunds on payments and Maroon Oak reserves the right to reject incomplete and inaccurate submissions.

We will not review prohibited, lewd, harmful content, or content that does not match our policies. Maroon Oak reserves the right to reject inappropriate submissions.

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