11 design mistakes that hurt your Podcast website traffic

11 top reasons even good Podcasts lose traffic
Even with awesome content and engaging speakers, a lot of Podcasts lose traction and traffic quickly. And often due to very basic reasons. Find out the 11 top reasons even good Podcasts lose traffic. Is yours one of them?
Even with awesome content and engaging speakers, a lot of Podcasts lose traction and traffic quickly. And often due to very basic reasons. Find out the 11 top reasons even good Podcasts lose traffic. Is yours one of them?
Even with awesome content and engaging speakers, a lot of Podcasts lose traction and traffic quickly. And often due to very basic reasons. Find out the 11 top reasons even good Podcasts lose traffic. Is yours one of them?
Do you lose your podcast fans simply because the trek from curiosity to conclusion is not intuitive for them? This is a graphic for what makes the anatomy of a good podcast page. Also find out the 11 top reasons even good Podcasts lose traffic and how small changes can lead to big wins.

You have a great Podcast, awesome content and an amazing guest lineup. But the real challenge is your podcast is not getting traffic.

Are you losing your fans simply because the trek from curiosity to conclusion was not intuitive? How can your podcast design experience hook your audience?

According to Tom Webster of Edison Research, Podcasts are slated to rise from 48 million weekly podcast listeners to the 100 million mark, gaining mainstream traction and becoming an important part of everyday conversations. Enterprising entrepreneurs are increasingly hopping on the opportunity to share their expertise via this channel.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you probably have one or are contemplating starting one. While millions of consumers are increasingly warming to this hands-free medium, let’s specifically talk about the ways you are engaging your audience!

Chances are that your podcast is an extension of your established business.

While much is discussed in terms of the content, the presentation style, the caliber of guests, the frequency etc, have you ever given serious thought to your audience’s journey? From when they discover your podcast to becoming regular listeners, and better still, your loyal customers, is your podcast design user-centric?

Women are searching for Podcasts!

Why focusing on your website Podcast design is big for your business and brand? 

An estimated 34 million US women are monthly podcast listeners.

A survey with women who are familiar with the term podcasting, but are not listeners, revealed that thirty-eight percent “aren’t sure how to listen to podcasts” and 66% said they “don’t know where to start.” Women were overwhelmed by the number of choices and were unaware of podcast apps already on their phones.

Despite all this, if they do land up on your website, you can easily grow your listener base by making it easy for them to find you and your insights.  

Most consumers search the internet, social media or ask family and friends to discover podcasts (see the image above). So it should all start from and lead to your website.

Listen to win - for your Online Business!

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10 impactful business Podcasts for Virtual Professionals and VAs

11 Top Podcast design mistakes that make your website lose traffic and how you can fix them!

As an avid podcast listener and curator, I come across an increasingly large number of podcasts guilty of one or more oversights listed below, that often lead the users on a complicated trail.

Evaluate your podcast – does it stand solid on the criteria and recommendations listed? 

Here are 11 ways your podcast design can create a winning experience for your audience and a boost for your business!

Not hosting on your website

Don’t lose the traffic and the brand boost!

Can your listeners play your episodes on the website? You might host your podcast with channels like Lisbyn or SoundCloud, but you should then embed and post it on your own site too. Ensure that your play button is visible and easy to find, preferably on the top of the page. Also, add a top menu link when you have at least 10 episodes. When the audience primarily cares about listening to your expertise, having an embed on your website gives them the quickest way to tune in.

Girl Boss Radio takes the play button a step further by offering a playable, eye-catching hero image right on top.

Not offering a convenient listing

Make your selections ‘Skimmable’

Many podcast websites don’t have a comprehensive, skimmable listing of broadcasted episodes on a single page (as thumbnails). Instead, the episodes are listed chronologically with summarized descriptions and users need to scroll endlessly down/ across multiple pages to find an episode that resonates. In the attention deficit digital world, making all the information available in the shortest possible time is the strongest use case for creating a comprehensive landing page.

Pep Talks for Side Hustlers does an impressive, clean and clear job of this. Here are 2 examples of main Podcast pages where the content is laid out sequentially versus in a snapshot form (preferable).

More scrolling = fewer episodes!
Do you have a comprehensive listing of podcasts? Share your podcast thumbnails.

Not sharing an episode overview

An unclear premise means a quick exit!

If you can’t summarize it, they won’t bother to find out.

Many podcast landing page designs don’t include a clear description about the podcast and its overarching theme. Instead, there’s a lot about the presenter. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to add a simple summary of what your podcast is about and why you started it, in order to entice your audience to a new way to interact with you.

Looking to collaborate to hire for your business?

The best Directory for Women Entrepreneurs. List your Business & skills for free!

The best Directory for Women Entrepreneurs. List your Business & skills for free!

No description of individual episodes

Again, why should they care?

The episode number and name of guest is prominently featured, but the context of the actual episode is missing. Not only is that not good for SEO but how will you invoke curiosity without descriptive clarity? Plus, you will lose repeat traffic for the podcast.

Do your episode listings look like this?

Your episodes are hard to search

Easy categorization always wins!

A lot of podcast websites don’t have searchable, well organized content. Tag or categorize your episodes, especially as the number of episodes increase. The Boss Mom Podcast does a super job of sorting the various episodes under different categories like Content strategy, mindset, systems or parenting, so a user can instantly zoom into their area of interest or need. While each episode may belong in 1-3 categories, you can add lots of tags so that when they click on any one, they can find all episodes for that.

This is not only a good idea to invite your listeners to find relevant content quickly, it is also a smart SEO practice. Plus, the podcast will get more cross traffic.

Here is an example of a tag cloud with a range of content coverage.

Tags enable content curation!

Not highlighting notable content

Shareable snippets create the multiplier!

Highlighting share-worthy quotes. When your episodes are gold, why not mine them for tweets and other social channels, and pepper them across your page. The Cup of Ambition podcast does this really well by creating shareable graphics out of nuggets of wisdom within each podcast. 

Share your podcast with our audience!

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Not simplifying podcast listening options

Make the channels accessible in one place!

Similarly, bear in mind that even though Stitcher, Spotify, Apple, iTunes, Audible, Pandora, Google Play, etc are numerous sources for podcast listening and downloading, these choices can be confusing for a warm visitor. When podcasts are all over the place, having an embed allows you to make it easier to start listening, without inundating with choices. These choices can then be linked under.

The Wander Wealthy Podcast simply puts the various options under the individual episode embeds.

Not balancing style and legibility

Both form and function matter! 

Oftentimes, podcast topics are listed in fancy fonts, which makes it harder to read them on the go. The title of your podcast is the primary hook for your viewer. Keep it clean, simple and legible.

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Not numbering episodes

Make your content more locatable!

Numbering episodes increases ease of sharing – a user simply has to recommend Episode 23 versus look for the episode that talks about creating digital products and freebies.

Complete absence of show notes, not even a summary! 

Give them the down and dirty!

Provide a summary of your individual episodes (preferably no more than a paragraph), and more detailed show notes, because this is an absolute must for creating a positive, well-rounded experience. Even better for the viewer- have content time stamps for podcasts longer than 10-15 minutes.

Many more ways to connect

You can go a step further, and use the show notes to make a business case for your expertise and freebies that you offer. Or in other words, use smart podcast design by showcasing how else your business can help your audience and capitalize on it. Creative Biz Rebellion does it in a simple & impactful way. (Image below)

Missing website and host info

Don’t you want them to check your work out?

Sometimes your audience finds you on say, Apple podcast. But your website is not mentioned in it. Why should you lose any opportunity to share everything about you? Instead, make it easier for customers to interact with your business in myriad ways. The Marie Forleo Podcast offers an easy link to their website in their Apple Podcast descriptor.

No social share options

Make it easier with social sharing images and Pins!

A happy audience wants to share the love. Make it super easy by integrating social sharing. She Podcasts not only gives varied social share options, but also provides a clear email to give feedback- via audio too!

Not offering the option to Review 

Nothing like audience feedback!

When podcast reviews are gold, it’s staggering how the majority of podcasts still don’t have a review CTA right alongside the podcast play or show notes. It plants the idea and makes it easier for listeners/readers to review a podcast at the moment of delight. As an example, see the review banner we include in a lot of our blog posts. (example below).

Are you inviting Reviews?

What should a good Podcast Page Design look like?

How do you attract traffic for your podcasts and not lose listener interest? Here’s what we recommend as a layout that will work for your user and your business! It will make your content more searchable, easy to scroll and find and invite more browsing and cross-selling for your services or products.

Do you lose your podcast fans simply because the trek from curiosity to conclusion is not intuitive for them? This is a graphic for what makes the anatomy of a good podcast page. Also find out the 11 top reasons even good Podcasts lose traffic and how small changes can lead to big wins.

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All the data from Infinite Dial research supports that podcast listeners are a very attentive (and loyal) group to advertise to. For the sake of your audience and your business, periodically survey your consumers to understand where they arrive from and what inhibits them. Assess your user journey to create multiple ways to inform, delight and hook your audience with your podcast page design. 

How do you plan to multiply your share of ear?

Contributor-Aditi Tandon
Aditi Tandon

You can’t use up creativity. The more you create, the more you have.

A Designer and Entrepreneur, Aditi graduated from a top design school and subsequently started her own design and merchandising business. Co-founder at Maroon Oak, she has over 17 years of business experience with Two Dotts, her design consulting company and an Etsy store which serves as an outlet for her gifts and patented product designs.

A mother to a teen and a tween, she enjoys running, dancing and raising her newest baby, a Bichon named Miltie.

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