11 Podcasts with the Power to Lift Your Mindset in 2020

11 Podcasts with the power to Lift your Mindset
Ready to learn? These 11 Podcasts to lift your mindset will equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow.
Podcasts equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow - a learner’s mindset is all you need.

Are you looking for motivation, a positive direction or ready to embrace success? Then these inspirational podcasts are for you!

I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.

– Vincent van Gogh

There are two kinds of mindsets. One is growth-focused and the other, that tends to be fixed or static. The former has an “I can’t do it, yet” attitude, the kind that breeds winners.

Similarly, there are two kinds of people – those who listen to podcasts and those who haven’t. Yet!  

If you have ears close to the ground, you will surely hear the buzz of podcasts, a cultural phenomenon steadily gaining mainstream traction. And if you have a success outlook, you should definitely embrace the wealth of knowledge out there, that too free!

What are Podcasts and where can you find them?

Podcasts are audio files that are produced as a series, each with several episodes. There are several hundred active podcasts today with millions of episodes on a slew of topics. They vary in duration – from 5 to 50+ minutes and the average length tends to be 45 minutes. You can listen to them on streaming services like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and many more places. A lot of podcasters also host them on their own websites and social media pages.

Why do so many women entrepreneurs love Podcasts?

A lot of podcasts cover topics important to women – e.g. business, marketing, growth, success, wellness, mindset, parenting, work-life balance. Plus, they are convenient – Podcasts are in essence, a hands-free, eyes-free audio medium that you can listen to, anytime. Many find that they can squeeze in listening time, and better utilize everyday necessary wasted hours – driving to work or a transit commute, doing the dishes, cleaning & chores, or while waiting in lines to pick up kids.

You can hear them on your phone, tablet or computer.

As an entrepreneur, a mother, and an active member of my community, I value the time I can steal from everyday moments to further my personal growth.

When you discover the benefits of a podcast, great things happen. Get motivated and ready to learn! Top Podcasts with the power to lift your mindset. Maroon Oak

Podcasts help you grow in multiple ways. At its best, a good podcast makes you a better listener. At worst, you might just have to stop whatever you are doing to make notes on all the creative ideas they inspire.

They are like that smart friend who gives you relevant and actionable advice exactly when you need it. There are hundreds of podcasts in every imaginable category and even more listicles on them.

 I love listening to inspiring Podcasts for women! I also actively recommend and share notable ones with family and friends.

Given the huge number of choices, I voraciously research the podcasts I choose to listen to. That’s why my personal satisfaction rate with them is close to 100%.

The truth is – the best Podcasts are the ones that resonate with you.

For curating this list, I thought about the women I know or work with. Each is a woman with myriad experiences, thoughts and brimming with wisdom in her particular arena. She’s ambitious, yet full of doubts, manages it all, yet struggles with the overwhelm. But who always welcomes actionable advice and inspiration to grow her business, further her career, her personal self and have some fun in the process.

Listen to these Podcasts with the power to lift your mindset!

For overall personal and professional growth, it’s great to have all your ducks in a row. To inspire you in whatever direction your mindset and outlook need a lift, here are 11 great podcasts intended to make a positive impact.

On Productivity – Podcasts for the results lover

The Productive Woman

Being busy and having a lot on our minds is the general state of being now. If you want to get out of that mindset, then take a page (or note) from Laura McClellan’s podcast. She offers advice, tips and encouragement to approaching the many demands on our time and energy. For working women overwhelmed by their roles as wives, mothers, workers, caretakers, citizens etc, conquering digital, physical and mental clutter and imbibing productive attitudes, beliefs, habits and skills can be a game-changer.

As a woman often working from home, organization is often a challenge that hampers my productivity. In the episode Mindset Matters: productive Skills, a simple premise resonated with me – treat organizing like a skill and you can acquire it.

For a twist, listen to 10 things productive women won’t do, a healthy reminder that we are at our best when we care for ourselves first.

The Productivity Show

With bite-sized actionable tips and real-life guests sharing their secrets to productivity, you learn how to be more efficient and develop healthy rituals and habits. This is a great podcast to help you accomplish more and get things done. If you are inclined to a productivity mindset, you will definitely gain much more than you expect.

I loved productivity tips that are weird but work. From creating a productivity circuit (don’t sit in one place),  to a case for making clothing decisions the night before and a cure for binge-watching Netflix, this seemed tailor-made for me.

From Are you developing the necessary skills to become an effective seller?   15 proven ways to accelerate your productivity   to   24 ways to save 24 hours a week get the   best free tools on productivity   shared by experts.

Ready to learn? These 11 Podcasts to lift your mindset will equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow.
Podcasts equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow - a learner’s mindset is all you need.

On Wellness – uplifting Podcasts 

Meditation Minis Podcast

With quick, short, guided meditations for confidence, anxiety , relaxation, etc, Chel Hamilton’s calm spirit, her soft voice and her love for the craft are enough to send comforting shivers through your body and put you at ease. Long enough for effectiveness, yet short enough to be easily squeezed into your day, use these podcasts as an invitation into a peaceful moment in your busy life.

When I catch myself over-analyzing decisions and require a dose of peace, clarity and centeredness, I often practice Two choices Clarity. At the very least, it opens my mind to new possibilities.

The Ultimate Health Podcast

A lot more of us need to develop a wellness mindset. A great way to start your day, listen to this podcast on your morning commute and use their on-point tips to enhance your wellness, nutrition, fitness or exercise mindset.  Learn how to sleep better, eat healthier and be more conscious about your choices. 

Jason Wachob in the episode MindBodyGreen encourages you to make frequent deposits in your own “Wellth” account and operate from a place of gratitude. Do you know the best exercise for you? It’s simply the one you actually do. I was also pleasantly happy to realise I occasionally do meditation in motion. Can you guess what (exercise) that is?

From Simple tips to manage stress to fitness tips to wake up your work day, get  the best ideas on career wellness.  

The best Opportunities for Women in Blogging, Copywriting, Design, Marketing & Virtual Assistance!

The best Freelance, remote, virtual jobs & opportunities
Ready to learn? These 11 Podcasts to lift your mindset will equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow.
Podcasts equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow - a learner’s mindset is all you need.

More inspirational podcasts for you

Creative thinking and the ability to embrace risks are very important in your professional journey too.

On Entrepreneurship – business building podcasts to lift your mindset

The Strategy Hour

For an entrepreneur, mindset is everything. Being in business is not a short term strategy. Inspiring, confident and animated, Abagail and Emylee provide easy to implement business guidance and strategies in a fun, down to earth way. From overcoming crises and pivoting to taking the work out of networking, the podcast offers something for anyone on an entrepreneurial journey.

The simple yet essential advice offered in What comes first- My Website, My Product, My email list is that businesses evolve, change and grow. Let your gut help you decide what to take up and what to say no to. It’s a good reminder for me to check my work periodically on what aspect actually needs my energy. Consistency and long term persistence is essential. Don’t ditch initiatives after a few days. It is also imperative to revisit old efforts and constantly update them.

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How I built This with Guy Raz

To hear stories from today’s greatest innovators and visionaries, on their creative thinking and perseverance is an unparalleled experience. To build movements from nothing requires a never say never mindset and each episode of this amazing podcast exemplifies that. Listening to the biggest names in business recount their failures and triumphs is awesome. It makes you believe that with grit and creativity, even impossible dreams can become a reality.

With amazing stories from founders of Chipotle, Starbucks, Teach for America, Rent the Runway, Spanx and more, I shared the mind-blowing Airbnb: Joe Gebbia episode with my family over dinner. As an entrepreneur, you have to shift your mindset from the daily nitty gritties and move it into your customer’s living room- literally!

Also find out – was it chance, smarts or cereal that got Airbnb to where it is today?

From  How to Write Website Content That Generates Organic Traffic to How to overcome success roadblocks in business   get our best advice for your entrepreneurial journey!

Th best Directory for Women Entrepreneurs! Connect, Collaborate, Hire & Get Hired!

Meet Members on directory. Connect, List, Find and get found
Ready to learn? These 11 Podcasts to lift your mindset will equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow.
Podcasts equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow - a learner’s mindset is all you need.

On Creativity – podcasts for innovating

Magic Lessons

A podcast that talks of fear, of overcoming them and creating more joyfully. Elizabeth Gilbert in her perfect soothing voice challenges you to make time for things that inspire and excite you. She also shares advice for her podcast guests. From topics like knowing the taste of failure to leaping into the fire, it is empowering to hear the stories of creatives. And beyond that, how they overcome their fears, insecurity and creative blocks.

Also read: 20 Sparks to Creatively Rethink Skills and Career  

The episode Dancing From the Heart has 60-year-old Penelope, a dance teacher from New Jersey saying, “I’m not too old to dance.” To feel that you can never really fulfill everybody’s expectations and realize your own creative potential is a real feeling that we all deal with at some point in time. When you liberate yourself from that constraining mindset, it is quite exhilarating. Practice creating that space for that creativity to come.

The Accidental Creative

Fascinating conversations, tips and interviews with top thinkers, leaders, and artists on how to creatively thrive in life and work, stay inspired, flourish and raise your inner game. Packed with great thoughtful advice, use this podcast to develop your creative mindset and generate better ideas.

Also Read:  5 Success Mantras from a Creative Career 

The people who surround you largely determine the direction of your life. In Finding your creative community Todd Henry discusses the need for developing our community – the people who see who we are and speak the truth to us. The ones who help you stay inspired, engaged, and focused, and who celebrate your successes with you and help you get through your setbacks. It’s true, creatives can be isolated because of what they do. We all need peers who get our work, family members who cheer for us and customers who rally for us. 

Looking to find your own tribe of doers, supporters, collaborators and peer mentors?

After the Jump

Along with interviews of members of the creative community, Grace Bonney takes her love of art and her design blogging experience to cover topics ranging from branding yourself to finding your voice and the role of the internet in democratizing design.

On the Podcast How to create content for the new online world, she reaffirms the fact that great content does not equal more work. In an ever-changing digital world, the goal is to create types of content and then get more from it with incremental efforts. Work smarter, not harder. On Maroon Oak, we regularly reuse & repurpose our content in different ways across social platforms.

Get better at design- from the  5 Point Cheat Sheet for non-Designers to Designing a small business website your customers love! 

Want more? Grab the best design tools and freebies (created by Pros!)

5 Point cheat sheet for non-designers

Ready to learn? These 11 Podcasts to lift your mindset will equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow.
Podcasts equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow - a learner’s mindset is all you need.

On Money – podcasts for a smart fiscal mindset

Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life


Before you skip this part, please know that you don’t need to be an ace in financial literacy. Understanding these short, useful, easy to digest bites on the world of money is doable. For women and especially entrepreneurs, making money and managing it strategically is one of the foundations of success. Why not add something new to your skill set. And surprise your family with some money tips of your own on credit, debt, real estate, investment or taxes?

Get motivated and ready to learn! Top inspirational Podcasts with the power to lift your mindset. Maroon Oak


In 5 Steps to Grow Rich Without a Budget, Laura Adams asks you to turn budgeting on its head without being preoccupied with every penny, especially when you have an erratic income. Budgets are often compared to diets. She recommends viewing it as a lifestyle change. Very smart analogy and one that hit home for me.

Be Wealthy and Smart

Linda P Jones’ premise is simple – to be a real millionaire, you need to start with a wealthy mindset, not frugality. Watch out though, you might just get a degree in finance listening to her wisdom, confidence and high-quality advice on investing and finance. Consider her your money mentor and take the leap.

The episode 9 Things You should be Saving for but probably Aren’t will either make you feel great because you’re already following it to a tee or will serve as a good reminder to start right away. There is a math and method to pre-planning for expenses that you know will eventually come your way. So it’s a good idea to step into the future with foresight under your belt.

Take control of your future! Get going with 22 Books to get savvy with business, brand and money or a free Financial Roadmap!

Connect with like minded entrepreneurs!

Meet Members on Maroon Oak. Connect, hire and collaborate
Ready to learn? These 11 Podcasts to lift your mindset will equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow.
Podcasts equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow - a learner’s mindset is all you need.


Listening to podcasts is like having a one way conversation with an amazing mentor.

Podcasts equip you with new tools, plant seeds for new ideas and help you grow. A learner’s mindset is all you  need. 

These Podcasts have the power to lift your mindset. They also offer you advice, answers, affirmations each day.

Are you listening?

Tell us – what are your favorite podcasts?

Contributor-Aditi Tandon
Aditi Tandon

You can’t use up creativity. The more you create, the more you have.

DesignerEntrepreneur & US Patent Holder, Aditi graduated from a top design school and subsequently started her own design and merchandising business. Co-founder at Maroon Oak, she has over 17 years of business experience with Two Dotts, her design consulting company and an Etsy store which serves as an outlet for her gifts and patented product designs.

A mother to a teen and a tween, she enjoys running, dancing and raising her newest baby, a Bichon named Miltie.

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