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Influencer Jing Yang

Trained as a dentist in China, Jing went through the rigorous academic toils that her degree demanded. After her move to the USA, she decided to explore further academic research. But she soon realized that she would have to re-train and re-certify to practice dentistry. That, and subsequent family choices made her pivot her career to working in the Pharma industry where she joined as an Auditor at a leading Pharma company.

Her auditor’s job involved frequent business travel which eventually became challenging as motherhood beckoned.  When her daughter was born, Jing knew where her heart and priorities lay and she wanted to take the path that would allow her the best of both worlds.

Finding work life balance

But having it all was not easy. She felt that balancing work and family life, after her initial time at home was a continuous challenge. As her daughter grew older, Jing knew that she wanted to broaden her career options and switch back to her original field.

That’s when she opted to apply for an opportunity within her Company in medical and clinical research. Although initially this meant taking both a cut in salary and her job title , it allowed her to do what she considered her vocation. And it also gave her more flexibility to manage work and family.

Her advice to other moms – “Focus on things that we are passionate about. In my case, the passion and reward keep me going. Sometimes getting back to work might mean you don’t start where you thought you would, but if you follow your heart and give it time, it will eventually pay off.”

As a mother raising a spirited 10 year old, she feels very comfortable with her path she chose. “I love being a mom, and growing together with my daughter. I enjoy my job, and it is very satisfying to develop medication for cancer patients. Being acknowledged by peers and management is another win!  What also helps me a lot is having my own hobby – dancing.  Through dancing, I’m nurturing my own body and soul.  I enjoy my work and life with these three pillars, my job, my daughter, and my hobby.”

  1. Linda James
    Linda James 8 years ago

    Jing thanks for the good advice,it only helps to be more positive in life despite all ups and down in ones career.

  2. Maria Estevaz
    Maria Estevaz 8 years ago

    I really like that you are so passionate about dance apart from everything you do. So many people feel they are too busy for a hobby.

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