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Maroon Oak Influencer Kavi Mohan

It started with the movies – a little girl’s fascination for on-screen dancing turned into a lifetime of loving dance in all forms.

As she grew older, Kavita learnt Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi (Indian classical dance styles), won contests and even performed in prestigious settings. But she had never seen dancing as a long-term career. With a college degree in Business Administration, Kavi wanted to make her mark in the corporate world.

But she married young and her husband’s job took them to different parts of the world where she faced not only the challenge of fitting in a new milieu but also the language barrier in non-English speaking countries.

Undaunted, Kavi changed career tracks and started teaching kids from the Indian diaspora, both classical and contemporary Indian styles. She worked closely with the Indian consulates and the first ladies in the countries that she lived in and became the cultural envoy for Indian dance more than once.

When her kids were born 6 years apart, Kavi chose to choreograph her own future keeping their needs first. When she wasn’t teaching, she kept enriching her own skills with folk, contemporary and latin dance forms often gathering inspiration from the local styles of her home country at that time.

In 2008, her family relocated to the US in what seemed to be a long-haul move, and that’s when Kavi decided to blend her love of teaching with her business smarts. When her dance workout classes at the local gyms became very popular, it inspired her to open her own dance studio in Central New Jersey to teach not only the classical disciplines but also create her own style. Bollyfusion, as she calls it, is a high energy dance workout that incorporates the sinuous and fun moves of the Bollywood style of dancing. Members love this format and often say that they can’t get enough of it.

With her kids now 18 and 12, Kavi finds she has more time to pursue her own dreams. She and her team of instructors teach several classes each day across studios – fitness classes, various dance forms and even create large scale performances.

Her advice to others moms: “Work hard and persevere, believe in your abilities and when down, keep telling yourself  that you can do it! If you run a business, make a genuine effort to reach out  and communicate with your customers.”

You can read more about Kavi and her School of Dance on her Website

  1. 8 years ago

    I have once attended a Bollywood Dance class at my gym and I must say it is a challenge to keep up. But great for fitness and I enjoyed the catchy beats.

  2. 8 years ago

    I really like Indian dances. Do you also teach online? Like on youtube or vimeo.

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