5 Key Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

5 Key Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs that will inspire you to do better.
Can adopting a few simple habits impact work and success outcomes? Read stories and examples of which 5 key habits of successful entrepreneurs can drive big changes.

Entrepreneurial success stories are built on the pillar of effectiveness. Because effectiveness is what translates efforts into results.

For an entrepreneur, being effective is crucial because it eliminates effort wastage – you can get more done in less time. This also prevents setbacks. And to achieve that, one needs to create effective habits and stick to them.

I have listed out 5 key habits of effective entrepreneurs that inspire me to do better.

1. They focus their strength on high-impact decisions

Time is a precious commodity. And smart entrepreneurs know that.

You will find a lot of routine in their personal life. You can see them eating the same breakfast or wearing the same color t-shirt (Mark Zuckerberg has the same dress code for all days). This is because they minimize their decision making efforts for less significant aspects of life.

For women entrepreneurs, making such work wear decisions can be more tricky. However, various women entrepreneurs have managed to define a uniform style to keep their morning schedules more productive. Some of them dress to match their brands. In an interview with Huffington Post, Kegan Schouwenburg (CEO and Co-founder of Sols) revealed that her work wear is a reflection of her industry.

By keeping fixed routines and styles, these entrepreneurs are able to focus their energy on high-impact decisions which helps them weave impactful stories.

But what about small businesses, where these decisions take a different shape because of the introduction of new challenges like working with a small budget or managing huge tasks with a small team. Or when you are the only point of control, managing micro tasks to deliver the ultimate product.

If that’s your scenario, to be an effective entrepreneur, make your  decisions at micro levels and commit to them. Shazi Visram, a mompreneur, reveals that not feeling guilty is an important decision entrepreneurs need to make to save their energy and time for bigger decisions.

2. They visualize new opportunities

“Don’t be scared that you’re doing things in a different way. Be happy that everyone else is doing it the same.”

Demian Ross

A major part of entrepreneurial success relies on opportunities. A highly effective entrepreneur is one who can identify opportunities where others see a dead-end.

In fact, they’re always eager to invest in new business ideas and unlock doors that others are reluctant to open.

Most successful businesses emerge from such clever maneuvers. ClassPass was born in 2013 after Payal Kadakia struggled to find a dance class to take after work in NYC. She created a subscription based business to make fitness memberships more flexible by cashing on the needs of fitness lovers to try out different classes and options.

Similarly, Women Rocking Business Founder & author Sage Lavine helps other women entrepreneurs in their journey with her entrepreneurial training programs & humanitarian projects. She identified major challenges women face in their entrepreneurial success and worked on eliminating them. This opportunity utilization helped her establish a million dollar company.

But it’s also crucial to remember that an effective entrepreneur doesn’t just know when to utilize an opportunity. He/she also knows when it is best to let go of a chance. The key is to stay flexible to avoid a burnout.

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3. They learn to manage stress

The words stress and entrepreneur are often used in the same sentence. And it makes sense. Entrepreneurship can lead to extremely stressful situations, especially when the risk is high.  

But notice any successful leader under stress and you will find that they keep their cool even when things go haywire. A breakdown in the face of adversity can lead to some really bad decisions. And that my friend, can be catastrophic.

During the early days of Crackitt, some days were really rough. I was not only keen on offering conversion-centric videos to my clients, I also wanted to ensure the aesthetic quality is never compromised. This was a unique case scenario in the world of explainer videos and I lost a number of clients who didn’t buy into my vision. Today, thanks to an eco-system that allowed me to cope with the stress,our portfolio speaks for itself.

So, I suggest that we accept and plan for stressful situations.

For both men and women entrepreneurs, work-life imbalance can be a big cause of stress and anxiety. To achieve success in their work, good entrepreneurs know that they must focus on creating a positive work-life balance. Invest in relationships to call upon your inner circle of friends & family as your biggest support system in difficult times.

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Free Webinars- Virtual learning at your fingertips!

Free Webinars- Virtual learning at your fingertips!

4. They know when to change their perspective

A can-do entrepreneur is someone who knows when to adapt and change perspectives to see things from a different angle.

Effective business people know that successful strategies come from effective listening. While successful entrepreneurs stay at the centre of all decision making, they are always willing to hear what others have to say.

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Also, they have the courage to take one step further than everyone else.

They know that it is by shifting perspectives and introducing new viewpoints in their business that they can achieve great heights.

A great source of information can be your sales team or client-interaction teams. At Crackitt, oftentimes, in my interactions with the sales team, I have unearthed perspectives that have led to 180 degree strategic turnarounds.

So, it pays to be flexible and seek feedback.

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5. They are curious

Most successful CEOs read about 4-5 books a month. The ability to stay curious is what sets them apart from everyone else.

“I’ve never met an interesting person who’s not also an interested person.”- Elizabeth Gilbert

Habits of Successful EntrepreneursAnd curiosity doesn’t just revolve around books, it can be anything that helps you expand your worldview. From meeting new people to understanding new cultures or languages, effective business people manage to keep their curiosity alive. And when they translate their curiosity into business, it helps them reap great rewards.

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Closing thoughts

The road to entrepreneurial success is forged through discipline. And this discipline is built on highly effective habits. To stay productive, these habits need to become a regular part of an entrepreneur’s life. From cutting down time on less important decisions to maintaining a sound work-life balance, to staying curious; all these habits can help you in making your business journey easier.

So, which habits have helped you in your entrepreneurial success? Would love to know and learn from your experience!

Deepasha Kakkar is a visual marketer, founder of Crackitt, and a consumer behavior aficionado. She helps businesses & organizations hone their identities, craft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful handmade animated videos and compelling infographics. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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  1. Nailil 6 years ago

    This is a great post. I need to keep some of these pointers in mind.


  2. Elizabeth O 6 years ago

    This was a really informative post and I definitely got some inspiration and great advice from it. It was interesting to read about how Mark Zuckerberg wears the same clothes to minimise his decision making. Smart man!

  3. Erica Schwarz 6 years ago

    Love this post! So much I agree with here, especially time management. My time is so limited, and it is sometimes hard to focus on where that limited time is best spent.

  4. Ashley 6 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE this post! It’s exactly what I talk about on mine and your tips are spot on! As entrepreneurs it’s so important that we’re critical with our time, mind and decisions. This is an amazing post and thanks for sharing!

    • Deepasha Kakkar Author
      Deepasha Kakkar 6 years ago

      Hi Ashley! So glad to know that this post resonates with you. Do share your tips with us, excited to hear!

  5. Karoline Rose 6 years ago

    It really is amazing how many decisions we make every single day without even knowing how much time and effort it actually takes to make each of those decisions. I already have an appreciation for routine, but I have never thought about how much it could lower my stress levels during the day to have things planned ahead of time.

    • Deepasha Kakkar Author
      Deepasha Kakkar 6 years ago

      Karoline, really appreciate the thought you have shared here. Discipline makes our life easier especially when our professional life is so dynamic. Once we organise our day-to-day life by fixing a certain routine, we don’t get stressed easily. Like by waking up at 6 am every day, I know I can accomplish a lot of tasks without rushing. I am sure you too would be having a fixed routine 🙂

  6. Waren jean 6 years ago

    I’ve always wanter to enter business and become an enterpreneur but looking at my dad growing up going through stress so our business will thrive scare me. Thanks for this tips. I might apply this in real life.

    • Deepasha Kakkar Author
      Deepasha Kakkar 6 years ago

      Before I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I looked around and saw a lot of people struggling to cope with the pressure that entrepreneurship brings. When I myself took this journey, there were a lot of hurdles. But certain habits helped me keep the stress damage to a minimum. I hope these tips help you too. Wish you all the luck!

  7. Chastity 6 years ago

    This posts gives me strength as an entrepreneur. I dress in what I sell for my business, a walking advertisement is always on display. I do need to read more business books because they do help motivate you and allow for your mind to grow in your business.

    • Deepasha Kakkar Author
      Deepasha Kakkar 6 years ago

      Being a visual marketer, I have realised how important it is to speak your brand language through your words, your content and even your clothes. So glad to hear that you follow this dressing ritual, Chastity. Also, I am currently reading this very powerful book by Robert B. Cialdini called “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. Strongly recommend it 🙂

  8. Daisy 6 years ago

    Adapting one or more of these habits for ourselves will just help so much. We all need a little extra help .

    • Deepasha Kakkar Author
      Deepasha Kakkar 6 years ago

      That’s true, Daisy. I think we should all have a certain level of discipline in life. As an entrepreneur, it’s very difficult to create impact without inculcating powerful habits. And for that little extra help, your team and your family is the support pillar.

  9. Kim 6 years ago

    I always thought it was funny how Zuckerberg said he wears the same clothes so he doesn’t have to think about it. But I can actually see the value in that! It is just one more decision to be made. Even saving 5 minutes in the morning would be great!

    • Deepasha Kakkar Author
      Deepasha Kakkar 6 years ago

      Completely agree with you Kim. I have an entrepreneur friend who does exactly that. With this habit, she saves around 5 hours a month! And to an entrepreneur, this amount of time makes a huge difference. Right?

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