Working for a Balanced Life in 9 fulfilling ways

Work Life Balance - working for a balanced life.
Finding work life balance seems is daunting, more so for moms. But the trick is to use these 9 tips, and manage success by working for a balanced life.
Finding work life balance seems is daunting, more so for moms. But the trick is to use these 9 tips, and manage success by working for a balanced life.

We all talk about achieving Work Life Balance, but so many consider it to be an oxymoron. “How can work and life ever balance?” is the usual refrain.

And really, how do you do this when work is but a part of your larger life story?  Yes, we need work to continue to challenge ourselves, grow professionally or to earn our livelihood, yet for many of us women looking to get back into a career, our biggest fear is the ability to handle it all.

Standing at that crossroads, ask yourself – does your professional well-being drive personal happiness? Or could it be the other way round.

Think about it – the happier you are in life, the better you get in all aspects of it, including work.

How does work life balance benefit you?

When you aim to balance your work demands and your life’s priorities, you are most at ease. You are not constantly fighting guilt and the sense of falling behind at everything. When you balance, you thrive!

Is Working for a Balanced Life even possible?

So if you want to aim for that dream job or for more fulfillment at work, here are 9 ways to enrich your personal (and therefore professional) life.

Define success 

What does a life well lived mean to you? Is it money, what it can buy or is it the time you are able to devote to your passion, your family? Do you define it by measuring the difference you have made in someone’s life and how blessed they feel by your presence. Understanding your reason may help you make the correct choices.

Set Goals with care

Write down your professional and personal goals, if you are caught in a ‘how to fit it all in’ crunch. Pen down your ideal work/life day. Come up with a fluid trade-off. So maybe each day will not  follow a plan of “x” hours at work and “y” on the other aspects  of your life. Be realistic, but don’t postpone the time frame of balance, to when you retire. Identify what you want from your life and enjoy the journey.

BalanceTechnology Time

Plan to plug off. Don’t become a slave to your screens; instead tame it. Especially, keep the phone away during those meal times or fun times with family and friends.

 Learn to say “no”

Deliberate carefully on the work at hand. Perhaps, it’s better to not add another project and instead do justice to  what you have in hand.

Are you a Mom trying to find the right work and family balance?

What I've learnt as a work at home mom

Balance in a balanced way

Make sure you focus on all facets of life. Enrich yourself physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. When you struggle in a particular area of life, it creates anxiety in a ripple effect in all the other areas of your life.

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Schedule your downtime

Whether it’s a GNO or a yoga class or a movie night with your family, make sure you pencil it on your calendar. It’s also a wonderful way to balance and offset the demands of your work life.

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Embrace Spirituality

Taking care of the physical body and ignoring the needs of the soul is like watering the entire tree but forgetting the roots. Spirituality brings clarity and calmness 24×7. Visualization can help you achieve your goals. Research shows that any amount of meditation is better than none. Try daily doses of Meditation to increase immunity and improve the  focus and  functioning of your brain.

Embrace the balanced life!

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the best ideas and resources on wellness for women. Maroon OakLet go and let be

Prioritize what’s important to you. It might help to pen down your top three or five priorities and put them up on the refrigerator door or tape it up to your desk. This serves as a constant reminder of what is important. But it’s equally important to cut yourself slack. Life gets in the way so don’t beat yourself up on what doesn’t get done.

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Build a support system

Delegate, and if you can afford it, outsource the tactical jobs – grocery, cleaning, cooking but be there for what’s important to you – perhaps a concert where your child is playing or watching your child shoot a basket at his championship game.

Finally, it’s important to realize that most of us struggle with how to keep up the work life balance. Yes, some  jobs and career choices might be incompatible with a meaningful work life balance. This is especially true in the context of a young family. So choose the nature of your work carefully.

Do what you love and love what you do. If you don’t enjoy it or can’t strike the right balance, then it’s time to revisit your plans.

Smart tips to balance and thrive!

Nidhi Idnani

Nidhi is a Certified Reiki Master, Teacher of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, and a Meditation coach. With a degree in commerce, an MBA from a top business school, and many years of international banking and IT services/ products experience, Nidhi is a proud Comeback Mom. She now has a flourishing Reiki & Meditation practice iReikiNow, where she helps people achieve personal growth, self-awareness, spiritual development and overall well-being.

  1. Kim 6 years ago

    I really love this topic and enjoy reading posts about it. I think the more information and perspective that is distributed, the more people will focus on achieving work life balance. We need to start shifting the standard of how much of our time we spend working. Great post!!

  2. Sundari Rao 7 years ago

    Beautiful article Nidhi. It is so true when you think about it “the happier you are, the more you accomplish”. Have a lot to learn from you my friend, keep writing ??

  3. 7 years ago

    “the happier you are in life, the better you get in all aspects of life including work.” – Very well said, Nidhi Idnaini

  4. 7 years ago

    More people should read this. I have seen relationships end because people couldn’t make time for partners on a consistent basis.

  5. Sandy Johnston Aspiring Fitness Coach

    Very true. I feel as I grow older, I have made time for spirituality in my life. I even got a meditation App and hopefully it will be my buddy in conquering my mind.

  6. katia sandi
    katia sandi 8 years ago

    Very useful .

  7. 8 years ago

    I really liked your suggestions.

  8. Rita Tremaine
    Rita Tremaine 8 years ago

    Sometimes it feels like I can’t go 10 minutes without checking my phone. SO plug off is a good suggestion – thank you!

  9. Maria Estevaz
    Maria Estevaz 8 years ago

    So true. Sometimes things happen at work and home at the same time and there is so much stress.

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