Facebook Tips for You & Your Business!

Facebook Tips for Business & Personal Use.
Facebook offers many features for personal & business use. Make payments, create Events & Offers, save events and much more with Facebook Tips for Business.

The merits of having a Facebook Business Page are numerous and well known. First off, it makes you easier to find on the web. Unless you are a big company with deep pockets, a Google search for your company name will most likely show your Facebook Page before it shares your own website.

But beyond visibility, any venture, especially small businesses can use Facebook to inform, sell or promote their products & services.  Individuals can make payments to friends or to announce career or personal milestones. Apart from its enormous reach (5.9 billion page visitors each month) and easy user interface, Facebook offers loads of freebie features (often unnoticed) which your business can truly benefit from.

Make the most of Facebook Tips for Business & Personal Use:

Create a Call to Action

Facebook Call to action button on The Maroon Oak Page

Facebook Call to action button on Maroon Oak

It’s right there on the top with the cover image. It’s also a quick and easy avenue for visitors to your FB page to interact further by having them click to another action – you can choose Learn More as in the picture above, or choose the Edit option to pick from 11 other actions- like Shop Now or Call Now.

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Create Promotional or Life Events

Event creation in the Status Bar is a great option if you want to launch a business promotion or any one-off event like a seminar, an exhibition or even a party. You can publish all the key details and Facebook even has an article on Best Practices (at the left  bottom of the screen) if you need more guidance. Businesses can also share Milestones or Notes( with blog like images and text) while Individuals can share Life Events.

Event option on Maroon Oak Facebook page

Event option on Maroon Oak Facebook page


Make Payments 

You can set up personal payments very easily with Facebook Friends using its Messenger App. To send money to your friend X, just open a chatbox to X on Messenger and click the $ sign on the bottom tab.

All the two parties need is a Debit Card each saved to the account. Facebook charges no fees for this and assures Privacy. Read More

Facebook Payment option on messenger window

Transfer money using Facebook


Generate Prospects

With Facebook’s Boost option, for as little as $5 a day (or as high as you want to go), you can promote your Page, Website or even a single Post. You can even decide on whose newsfeed you want your content to appear. So if you want to offer Tutoring Services, you can select the audience by age, gender, location and pick keywords like Parents, Education etc. As your campaign runs, you will see updates on how many users were reached and what action it resulted in.

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Tip: Distribute your advertising basket by running ads with different content. You can test for responses that way – e.g. which message generated leads and which was shunned.

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 Save links for later

You can now save and bookmark interesting articles that you see on Facebook and read or use them later. Facebook’s ‘Save’ feature allows users to save links to articles, events, music, videos, and more to read later. All you have to do is click that little downward arrow on the top right-hand corner of the article in your Feed, then choose the “Save Link” option. To view the things you’ve saved, go to your home page and choose “Saved” in the left-hand column.

Save for later option on FB

Save for later on FB


A few more Tips:

Keep your Page alive and your audience interested by posting regularly but keep the content meaningful and relevant.

Regularly Like and provide useful suggestions and Comments on other Pages and Groups that engage in businesses that complement yours. E.g – if you run a fitness business, look for publications that promote healthy lifestyles, food suppliers in your area and even interest groups on running or yoga etc.

Invite friends and other connects to Like your Page or Posts.

So don’t wait. Create a Page, or Improve one. It’ll pay off in more ways than one.

Pooja Krishna is an Entrepreneur, Consultant and Mom. She has worked both in large corporates and managed startups over the last 20+ years. A co-founder of Maroon Oak, she’s also founded Win Thinks, a small business consulting company, and Trading Paces, which educates amateur and pro stock traders. She blogs and teaches workshops about Brand Strategy, Social Media & Future ready Career Solutions. She loves being a Classroom Mentor and teaching students across the U.S. about Job Skills and Entrepreneurship. Read her interview on Huffington Post.

A trivia buff and yoga & hula hoop enthusiast, Pooja loves spending time with her family playing board games and watching documentaries. 

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  1. Sarah 6 years ago

    These are definitely helpful tips to navigate Facebook! They routinely add functionality but it’s not always straightforward to discover!

  2. Star harford 6 years ago

    This is a really useful post, I never really realised how useful a call to action could be, I might add that to my blog.

  3. Irena 6 years ago

    Great post with many useful information. I wasn’t aware that you can make payments on Facebook. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. eliza 6 years ago

    These are great tips, and having facebook involve in businesses either big time or not will definitely increase not only popularity but also profit and engagement on your deals.

  5. Sarah 6 years ago

    Great tips, I never realised you were able to pay people through facebook. would come in handy when out with friends and bill sharing.

  6. Ali Rost 6 years ago

    Such great tips! I had no idea one could set up personal payments (without fees) through Facebook. I might give this a try this as a way to send money to my kids. Also, I really like the idea of creating a call to action. When I did this on my blog, I definitely was able to grow my email list. x

  7. Laura Dove 6 years ago

    Saving links for later saved me SO much time when doing any kind of blogger thread! before then I used to write them all down and try and find them again later!

  8. Laurence 6 years ago

    Great post especially on a start up business. Way to promote too in social media.

  9. Mie Jensen 6 years ago

    Great article with very useful information! I will definitely try to use some of these tips when promoting my blog in the future! Thank you!

  10. 8 years ago

    Good tips. I just tried the pay feature and finally cleared up a long due $85/- debt.

  11. 8 years ago

    Great article on using Facebook esp for small businesses.

  12. Linda James
    Linda James 8 years ago

    beautiful article ,gives detailed informtion good for all who want to promote their work online

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