Why is now the best time for moms to be Virtual Professionals

Why is now the best time for moms to be Virtual Professionals and VAs
Moms want options & flexibility, and technology is enabling that in many ways. Read 7 reasons why now is the best time for moms to be Virtual Professionals.

If you want flexible work, options, use your digital skills and be there for your family, choose online and freelance work. Learn the top 7 reasons why being virtual professionals and VAs is a top work from home Mom job. Plus, lots of tips and business freebies to jumpstart your work!

A lot of women embrace the balancing act – by choice and out of necessity!

Are you amongst the large number of women who want the flex to work or run your venture from home, especially with young kids? Utilize your general or specialized skills? Make money without having to commute?

Is that even possible?


Today, you can create a successful business while working from home, with limited startup capital and work with the demands on time and energy as a family caregiver.

Become a Virtual Professional and rock your Mompreneur VA career!

Lots of women, especially moms, lean towards a virtual assistant job or business for several reasons. Whether it’s to be your own boss or planning work around the kids, location constraints that make it difficult to land good jobs, financial needs or a desire to stay professionally active. Maybe a combo of all of these.

Gig economies or the explosion of contract work is a goldmine for virtual entrepreneurs. Then there is the convenience of online and remote work, and the ease of starting your VA business with very little money. So if you wanted work from home jobs and business, you have lots of choices now. Plus, there are lots of valuable resources readily available, and all of these make being a mom in business a wonderful reality.

Looking for more options to be at home with kids and earn a livable income?

Here’s why – and how – now is the best time for moms to be virtual professionals!

Leverage flexibility and Options

Virtual professionals are the new normal in the world of business and there are literally hundreds of different services you can offer!

In fact, to get started, a Virtual Assistant needs a laptop and the ability to solve one (or more) problems really well.

The best part – you can take this on alongside the other things that you already do.

Which means that not only can you monetize the skills you have, but also make a choice based on availability, location and nature of work.

Listen to the business ideas!

10 impactful business Podcasts for Virtual Professionals and Virtual Assistants

Virtual Skills are your best asset!

If you have a business skill, chances are high that you will find demand for it!

From customer service and logistics to specialized skills like bookkeeping, marketing and tech based work – the list is endless! Plus, there is a growing demand for niche jobs like content creation, video editing, logo design and more. Online work and collaboration is the accepted norm for these, so your location doesn’t matter!

If you want to succeed in your VA business, check out these pro tips first.

Choose from a range of Opportunities

The choices for Moms to run a VA business or work with a company are numerous. And you can choose only part time work, no commute, and still be marketable if you possess strong skill-sets.

Even the world of employment versus enterprise isn’t so rigid any more. You can work with individuals, run your business as a freelancer. Or you can opt for short term contracts with companies. This is a key reason that VA jobs work for stay at home moms who are looking to flexibility.

If you’re currently in a job and have a hobby that you would like to take further? Why not try it as a sideline first and see if it clicks.

Unsure No more – 9 ways to Plan your next Professional Path

If you're struggling with 'what next...?'

Win with your side hustle!

Do you love organizing and productivity? Plenty of business owners struggle with it and look for help on managing their digital files and emails.

If you are very conversant with social media, you can sign on lots of clients looking for someone to post and schedule content for them. Managing inbound customer queries or an eye for detail can help you land those administrative jobs. If you like to write good copy, creating written marketing materials or content can be an option for you.

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Learn from multi-channel Resources

In the past, the hardest part of starting and running a VA business was making all the different elements come together and work. Maybe you’re struggling to create a Business Plan, or don’t know how to use Facebook lives to build Page traffic. Even wondering how to build a good looking website that attracts and converts customers.

Create a website that converts for you!

So while there are a number of basic steps to getting your business off the ground, they are a lot easier to grasp and execute now. Here is a great resource to create your Online Business Roadmap.

You can DIY a lot, before you need to fork out money to hire pro help. It is possible to find lots of free digital tools and how-to’s on every aspect of running a business. Plus, there are plenty of expert articles, videos, podcasts and more to find answers, guides, even step-by-step help.

Check out these 5 effective ways to learn new skills for free!

Start (and stay) Financially lean

The  really wonderful thing about large companies and smaller businesses offering so much value for free is that mompreneurs starting a VA business can use it all, without making huge financial commitments. Whether it’s website creation, getting started on social media, listing your products on online Marketplaces, tools on calendaring, collaboration, building an email list, networking and more, you can always find something for free.

Most services providers also offer free and freemium services that let you create and launch your business for a low cost. You can always upgrade to better options by paying but you don’t have to shell out huge sums right off the bat.

Another way to save

Subscription software services are another boon for your lean business! If you want an online presence and I recommend that you absolutely should, then don’t pay big bucks for custom design and builds. Instead, you can always opt for packaged services for a small monthly fee. Create great design and templates with Canva, create websites with builders like Squarespace or Wix or make a custom Website in a Day using WordPress.

Find the best jobs for Moms!

Jumpstart success with Mentoring

While every business owner’s journey is different and we all learn from our mistakes, having a mentor definitely makes the path to winning a lot shorter. It is easy to connect with experienced virtual entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and seek their help. Similarly, there are also plenty of free forums and Q&A sites where you can ask specific questions and get multiple points of views.

Learn the 20 ways entrepreneurs can get ahead with Linkedin!

Quick tips tp start your VA Business right!

Get visibility with savvy Marketing

Whether your goal is selling services, products or even building your individual brand, you need great strong visibility. Online selling and networking offers you avenues to connect with prospects and clients across locations. You can interact with more prospects virtually, and time to conversion is much lesser. Facebook groups is another valuable resource to market your business, make connections and even gain website traffic.

Try these 25 proven ways to make your business more visible!

Find the best online freebies for your VA business100+ Business Tools and Freebies - Find the best products on the Marketplace!In fact, the power of your content is often enough to gain leads.

Become credible with Referrals

Similarly, social media is a great way to garner online referrals and recommendations. Whether it is your Facebook page that clients are recommending, or a personal endorsement on your Linkedin profile. Even a tag on Twitter or Instagram will multiply your profile views. Reviews on Marketplaces and community sites like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Upwork or Maroon Oak go a long way in sealing your reputation and sharing peer references.


Thanks to the online world of business, a lot of moms can have a business life as Virtual Professionals or Assistants. Mompreneur VAs are starting ventures that let them combine several skills, and work with clients and employers online. From setup, marketing, to scaling and growing – all while being there for your family – is much easier and attainable to DIY now. Moms can be VAs and virtual professionals, and make a great success of it.

The only question is – how well are you maximizing the possibilities?

Pooja Krishna is an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Mom. She has worked both in large corporates and managed startups over the last 20+ years. 

She’s  a co-founder at Maroon Oak, and is founded Win Thinks, where she writes, speaks and teaches about Digital Media, Brand Building and Future Ready Businesses. A day trader for over a decade, Pooja launched Trading Paces to educate amateur and pro stock traders. As a classroom mentor, Pooja loves teaching students across the U.S. about job skills and entrepreneurship. Read about her on Huffington Post and Forbes.

A trivia buff and yoga & hula hoop enthusiast, she’s discovering the pleasure of drawing Zentangle patterns for ‘creative mindfulness.’

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  1. Erin Misenar 5 years ago

    I agree working from home is awesome!! Freedom and using knowledge you have!

  2. Monidipa Dutta 5 years ago

    I feel women are mostly gaining success via internet because this is the time for internet gen now. However this post is not only affective for SAHMs but also for the ladies who arent SAHMs but just stay at home and don’t work.

  3. Robyn 5 years ago

    Working at home is just the best! I wish I made the switch way sooner!

  4. Alexandra Cook 5 years ago

    It is a great time to be successful on the internet. So many opportunities are just waiting for people to fill them,!

  5. what corinne did 5 years ago

    I actually think that it is women who are benefiting most of all the opportunities internet offers. You can work from home if you want and have a career! No need to give up on anything when you just had a baby!

  6. Cristina Petrini 5 years ago

    An excellent professional idea for new mothers, but not only. Perhaps a starting point even for many housewives.

  7. Jeana S 5 years ago

    This is such an awesome outlet for moms who want to spend more time with their kids while also working! Very informational!

  8. Joanna 5 years ago

    I think that becoming a virtual professional is a great way for a new mom to start earning some extra income whilst she stays at home with her baby, Having the freedom of choosing your own schedule and work the hours you can, makes it a perfect job for moms.

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