Figure Out Facebook Live Workbook & Video Lessons

Don’t know what to go live about?




Organic reach on Facebook is pathetic – right?! 

Take it from me, a former Facebook employee: the best chance you have at making organic reach work for you is to build in a consistent Facebook Live strategy – but it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and think that you don’t have anything to talk about… I’m here to tell you, you have a LOT of value to offer and your followers WANT to hear from you!

Get my free workbook and then grab the super-affordable Figure Out Facebook Live video lessons, which walk you page-by-page through the workbook so that you can create a steady flow of content ideas for your Facebook Live video strategy AND the building blocks for some ah-mazing Video View Ads (which are the perfect first step when building out your Paid Facebook Marketing strategy)!

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1 review for Figure Out Facebook Live Workbook & Video Lessons

  1. Abi

    I got this a while ago and went back to the workbook many times to figure out my plan for doing a live. I wanted to be sure that I don’t ramble on live Fb, and this really helped me.

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