5 Tips for creating lead magnets that skyrocket your email list

5 Tips for creating lead magnets that skyrocket your email list
5 Tips for creating lead magnets that skyrocket your email list

If there’s one mistake I’ve made since starting my blog, it’s neglecting my email list.

With over 2.5 billion people using email on a regular basis, email marketing is a must for business owners, with a return on investment of 38 to 1.

But to tell the truth, getting email subscribers isn’t so easy at first. When three-quarters of Americans admit to feeling email fatigue, no one wants to be on another email list. You just can’t expect people to sign up for your newsletter that easily anymore. 

This is when you can entice your audiences by giving a valuable freebie in exchange for an email, also known as a lead magnet. This gives your business a fabulous opportunity to start the conversation with your prospects, and with their permission.

To build an engaged email list, a well thought-out lead magnet is key.

How to create lead magnets that skyrocket your email list!

Here are the 5 ways to boost subscribers with relevant and impactful lead magnets.

1. Find out what problems your audience is facing

The easiest way to figure out what your readers’ concerns (or challenges) are is by asking them.

Once you determine that, answer your readers’ problems with your freebie. This can be in the form of a guide, course, webinar, free resource library, etc. 

Here are some ideas for getting this info. You can post your questions on social media as a query or a poll – Facebook groups are great for connecting with your niche audience and having interactive discussions

Ask your target audience!

5 Tips for creating lead magnets that skyrocket your email list

You can also try surveys if you are looking for several answers or need demographic info like age or location etc. I’ve found surveys to be the most helpful, as you can ask several questions at once. SurveyMonkey’s free survey plan comes with a range of options. You can also post surveys on Google forms and customize the look with images and a branded heading  – this is also free.

Also read: How to create content that aligns with your audience needs and your business goals

2. Make it short and sweet

When business owners think of lead magnets, the tendency is to give as much as possible in a freebie, such as a 50-page guide or a 14-day course. This is not necessarily or always the best way.

With lead magnets, sometimes less is more!

The reason for this is that most people want quick satisfaction and answer to the problem they are facing.

For example, if someone is struggling with budgeting, you could give them a 1-page money-savings plan or a list of 25 ways to save money today. If your readers are struggling with fitness, you can give a 5-day workout plan freebie with easy bodyweight workouts that can be done at home.

Solve a problem with an easy-to-digest freebie and you’ll see your subscribers boost rapidly.

Whether it’s a planning timesheet, online visibility cheatsheet or a killer blog post guide, find digital products for growing your business, traffic and productivity on the Marketplace.

DIY your Business with expert tools!

3. Test your lead magnet. And then test some more.

When something isn’t working, it’s time to switch things up and try something different.

You may consider switching what your lead magnet looks like by using different fonts, colors, graphics, and copy, or even creating additional graphics.

The wonderful thing about email marketing in this day and age is that everything can be tested. And an attractive, well designed opt-in is one of the top ways boost subscribers quickly.

For example, I use ConvertKit and can see how many people see my lead magnet and how many people sign up. Each lead magnet has a conversion rate, so I can see what is and isn’t working. 

I noticed just by switching to brighter colors on my lead magnets, more eyes are drawn to the lead magnet, which means more subscribers. 

Check out how different businesses/ women entrepreneurs create graphics and copy for their digital products. 

4. Boost subscribers with a strong landing page

One of the key ways you can introduce readers to your lead magnet is with a landing page.

A landing page has a single objective – converting readers into subscribers or customers. Even better, traffic and conversions on landing pages can be measured, so you can see what is working and what to improve. 

A landing page is different compared to an email opt-in somewhere on your website. With a landing page, the reader has no distractions and a clear CTA. They are either going to sign up for your email list or not. 

Check out the landing page for a free checklist to create lead magnets and opt-ins that rock!

Your Checklist for the 3 Ms!

Checklist on Lead Magnets that Rock

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5. Promote lead magnet in key areas

Your lead magnet should be seen in several key areas around your website to get more eyes on it. 

Here are a few key places to place a lead magnet – before your blog post starts, sidebar, in the middle of posts, at the end of posts, and even on your homepage. 

It’s best to come up with different freebies for different areas and articles. You don’t want to push the same opt-in everywhere on your blog, because not everyone is going to like the same freebie. 

Visibility builds recall and response!

Best Places to Promote your Lead Magnets

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Lead magnets that skyrocket your email list help your business!

Lead magnets are a key way readers will sign up for your email list. And with an email list, you can boost traffic to your blog, convert readers into customers, and turn cold readers into a warm audience.

High quality lead magnets are  powerful. You can convert more readers into customers by offering value and demonstrating expertise. If you sustain a positive relationship – and not spam them with endless marketing messages – you can turn a cold subscriber into someone who trusts you and warms up to purchasing from you. 

If you’ve been putting off email, I urge you to start today. You can plan, design and create a lead magnet quite easily. And once you have a good one, the journey to finding a place in your prospects’ inbox becomes much easier.

How are you inviting potential customers to ‘opt in’?

Alexis Schroeder is the owner of FITnancials, a blog dedicated to serving women who want to achieve financial freedom and grow their online business. With budgeting and numerous side hustles, Alexis paid off over $40,000 of student loans and debt in under 5 months. If you want to pay off debt, start a new career, you’ve landed in the right place.

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