Your Business Blog Blueprint

Your Business Blog Blueprint Workbook

The Guide to Start a Successful Blog for Your Company Easily, without Hiccups or Hassle


What is the Business Blog Blueprint?

A proven system that teaches you how to maneuver through the daunting phase of writing and posting your blog. Inside of the Blueprint, you’re guided on how to set up your blog post for maximum visibility and exposure.

It’s over 20-pages of step-by-step guide to creating every aspect of your blog so that you can be successful from the get-go. Understand all the blog lingo talk easily and confidently so that when you post your first blog, you’re a rock star from the beginning!

Includes worksheets and resources that you need every time you blog. Blogging can be daunting and confusing. This guide provides you with everything you need to brand yourself, writing click-worthy headlines and eye-popping visual assets.

Get the most out of your blog post by knowing how to repurpose it (which saves time and energy!). Just don’t let your blog sit there, forgotten about! You’ll receive two pages worth of ideas on how to promote and profit from your blog (every time!)!

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What’s Inside of the Blueprint?

Content Upgrade List

  • Have over 25 ideas on what your content upgrade can be
  • Know which email marketing system to use to distribute and handle your email list and to send out your content upgrades
  • Understand how to leverage email sequences to nurture new subscribers (it’s easy!)

Must-Have Blogging Resources

  • Know exactly what websites to use to market and plan your blog promotion
  • Find eye-catching visuals for your blog post easily
  • Top of the Industry tools to create and market your blogs, content upgrades and more!

Blog Promotion Ideas

  • Your Blog Checklist helps you mark off everything you have done or need to do to promote your blog for maximum exposure
  • Have 10 ways to promote your blog post so you can get extra mileage out of it
  • Be seen, be heard, and most of all, repurpose your blog so that your audience can find you easier!


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