Brand Building for Entrepreneurs



This podcast episode is for you if you are:

  • Having trouble deciding if you should brand your business or if you should brand yourself?
  • Always getting mixed reviews on the pros and cons of each.
  • Wondering which one is more likely to bring you a bigger return?

On this CEO ConVo Podcast by Bailey Sessoms of Hustler to CEO, branding expert and co-founder of Maroon Oak, Pooja Krishna, shares some of the same great advice she’s given her top clients, including GE Capital.

Listen as she takes us step-by-step and sheds some light on brand building for entrepreneurs, including:

  • The Benefits of Branding Yourself
  • Where Should You Start When Building Your Personal Brand
  • How Others See You vs The Way You Want Them to See You
  • The Question to Ask When Developing Your Brand Story
  • How to Show Up and Communicate What You Do
  • Paying Attention to the Market
  • Being Transparent + Owning Your Faults
  • The Power of Authenticity + Be Findable


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