Guide – Best places to promote your lead magnets

Share your lead magnets where your audience is!


Are you looking to connect with your audience where they are?

Do you want to build your email list by sharing your opt-ins and other products?

Is your goal to increase recall and persuasion by posting your lead magnets in multiple places?

Grab this Guide for ideas and tips on all the 35 best places to promote your lead magnets!

(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for Guide – Best places to promote your lead magnets

  1. Lisa

    This clears up a lot of the where can I get eyes on my product. Great tips.

  2. Tonya

    I had so many “aha moments” while reading this guide. I will be referring back to this guide as a checklist for all of my opt-ins going forward.

  3. Joyce

    Great information! There are some ideas that I never thought about, so very useful. Thank you 🙂

  4. Anne | onedeterminedlife

    This guide gives a comprehensive list of places I can put my lead magnet. Some of these I had never thought of before and it’s a good reminder to update my blog to include my lead magnet in more places.

  5. Tia

    Quite a resourceful read! It provides a big insight to where all and how can somebody promote in a fresh way.

  6. Taylor

    I love this so much. Who knew there were so many places to promote? I can’t wait to incorporate this into my site!

  7. Ramona Diaz

    Haha, never realized that you can put out your lead magnets in so many places on your website alone. Im gonna try some of the networking ideas too.

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