Build a thriving business with Networking done right

eNetworking - Build a thriving business with Networking done right
Networking is more than lead generation. It enriches your work & grows your personal effectiveness too. Can you build a thriving business with Networking?

Your network is the oxygen to your business!

Any successful business needs more than customers. There’s also suppliers, collaborators, advisors, mentors, supporters, advocates, even critics.

The secret lies in creating the right network and sustaining it in meaningful ways.

Why You Need to Network to build a thriving Business 

While being a solopreneur means absolute authority, it can also be a lot of pressure. The success of your company, amongst other things, is also rooted deeply in your ability to find, nurture & build leads!  But many a times, we find ourselves spinning our wheels and yet not making any traction, or worse dragging our feet as introverts. No fear…Networking, practiced right/ intentionally, can keep you moving forward with your goals. 

Everyone needs help… even Einstein 

No one person succeeded without a little bit of support throughout his or her lifetime.

Somewhere along the line, there was at least one person who probably reached out and helped you with a dream or a goal. 

Connecting with other people can be your source of help and encouragement. 

AND they can be a great way to help you build and nurture your leads. 

You Inject Fresh Ideas into your business

Networking brings people into your life who can confidently speak up and help you pinpoint issues and resolve them.

Talking with others, connecting online or in-person – all of these bring variety to your perspective. 

Sometimes someone who is on a different path can offer a unique point of view towards your vision – or add new ideas into your otherwise stagnant lead generation efforts. 

They can add new viewpoints towards nurturing your existing customers. No one wants to be stationary in their business. Ask what they are doing and see if their process sparks new life into your efforts.

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Increase Emotional Effectiveness in your work  

In almost any endeavor in life, our emotions are closely tangled with whatever it is that we’re doing. 

When you have a team of people you connect with, you’ll often find a great network of support and it’s a great way to be sure you are building a healthy process in your business. 

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Double Your Output

With a good network, you can seek and  create partnerships or joint ventures that can lead to even greater opportunities. 

A JV partner for example, can email their subscriber list about you and visa versa. By doing this collaborative barter, not only do you provide amazing, new opportunities for your existing email list, but also nudge those leads into becoming your raving fans. 

You can double the amount of output you’re capable of when you have a network.

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How can you utilize the Give and Take of Networking

When entrepreneurs think of networking, it’s usually in a “What can they do for me” mindset. 

But the best way to get the top contacts in your corner is to step up and serve others first. 

You already have plenty of ways that you can benefit from those on your JV or affiliate teams. But start with answering how people that you network with stand to gain from the relationship. This mindset  of giving before receiving can help support & strengthen your relationships and end goals.

Go beyond contacts. Think e Networking via email, on forums, as well as on social media.

Engage your Best Marketers

You should  build relationships with your clients too. The more you share and support your clients, the more likely they will be to suggest your work to others. They become your spokespeople –  your marketing team!

Bring your very best work and knowledge to your customers and make sure you over-deliver. They will often not hesitate to do the same for you through amazing testimonials and referrals.

 See this awesome testimonial by a Maroon Oak Member Ellen of ScoochaMi.

Acknowledgement goes a long way

Don’t forget about your team! These are the people that are often the first connection your leads have inside your community.

AND they are the extra eyes and ears in your business. 

By creating a strong network between your team and your leads, you can again multiply your solo efforts and create a stronger chance for direct contact with your leads aka your future clients.

What you can give back is gratitude and support that shows that you appreciate the effort. Your team is often underappreciated and having someone acknowledge their work means more than you realize.

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Create Triple Wins 

Network with people who know more than you in whatever area you need the help. You’ll gain from their wisdom, their years of experience – and their contacts can become your potential contacts as well.

Working with Peer Mentors always pays off. To develop this relationship, you can reciprocate with fresh ideas, be someone to bounce ideas off of or help with a project. 

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You can also promote them to your leads if it aligns with your strategic plans, which is a win-win-win all the way around.

e Networking Success Mantra – Go Where the Opportunities Exist

 We’re coming into the home stretch now of how you can power up your lead generation and growth using networking.  

Here’s a simple step that may seem obvious, but has to be said. 

No matter what form of networking you are adding to your village, you have to put yourself out there to make connections. 

Especially when you are making connections online. You HAVE to reach out and remind them that you are there.

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Make It A Habit

Make it a priority to try to create at least one new networking opportunity every day. It may take up to 5, or 10, or even 20 ‘reach outs’ to make a solid connection.

Remember that it’s not personal (most of the times) 

People are busy! They may not see your email or Facebook message so make it a practice to follow up again.  

LinkedIn is a great place for connecting, as well as Facebook groups, and even Instagram! All you have to do to find the opportunities is to be active on those platforms and in the groups where you know your leads are hanging out. You can even enrich your in-person networking with Facebook!

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When you’re trying to connect, don’t overwhelm the person with eagerness. 

You can network without coming across as too pushy. Avoid these networking mistakes.

Keep in mind that other successful people have busy schedules and they may not respond right away.

Create a Follow up System

And track! Track your contacts on a spreadsheet or in your CRM. 

When you meet new people, you want to be sure you can reach out again later and follow up, so don’t forget to get an email address AND a phone number. 

Share your Brilliance

But be prepared to clearly define your Unique Brilliance to those you are networking with. 

How are people in a group going to know who to recommend for you to network with if they don’t know your specialty or the type of clients you want to work with?

So don’t be afraid to be vocal about what you do and where you plan to take your business.

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Your network can be your biggest asset. Or the weak link in your business, if not used the right way.

The best way is to create and nurture a strong network is with intent and care, so you can mutually grow and benefit each other.

Jennifer Dunham - Build a thriving business with Networking done right

Guest Author: Jennifer Dunham, the founder and CEO of Time, Money & Happiness Matters, who helps driven professionals love their career and fully love their lives. Jennifer is a TINY HABITS certified coach, CASH INJECTION SPECIALIST and Motivational Speaker and Author. 

With over 20 years’ experience running her Information Technology firm, designing systems and operating procedures, it’s easy to see why Jennifer’s approach is rooted in her IT background. She’s a believer in automation, habits, repeatable processes and streamlining to reduce overwhelm so clients can focus on what matters most. She teaches her clients how to find more time, so they can make more money and increase their happiness. 

As a speaker, Jennifer’s relatable stories and specific strategies to use right away help entrepreneur audiences grown and scale their business in a way that aligns with their desired lifestyle and values. When Jennifer isn’t working, you will find her hiking with her hubby, playing with their kitties Zipper and Velcro, or tending to their small chicken farm in the Sierra foothills in Northern California.

  1. Latraila Tolbert 3 years ago

    Absolutely! Networking is so important in our business. I specifically love the line that says everyone needs help. . . even Einstein as a Womanpreneur who is helping my Co-Womenpreneurs I believe in it the most!

  2. Eloise 4 years ago

    Great tips for building a thriving business these days! Networking is everything! I agree with you that no matter who you are you need help, even the great successful people had help getting to where they are/were

  3. Kara Guppy 4 years ago

    I co-run a networking group and it is amazing how you can all support each other with various talents. It is lovely to see businesses grow too

  4. Dollie 4 years ago

    No matter what your profession, networking is a crucial element for success.

  5. Diana Z 4 years ago

    Thanks for these tips! Networking and making connections is essential in building a successful business.

  6. Rosey 4 years ago

    You are right, no one wants to be stationary in their business. It is hard to break out of ruts sometimes though.

  7. Jasmine M 4 years ago

    Networking is so important when it comes to having a successful business. Most businesses fail because the owner doesn’t know how to network or market their service/products to the right audience. These are some great tips to apply when you’re trying to network your business.

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