Why Create Video Content?

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Entrepreneur & Business Mentor Pooja Krishna of Win Thinks & Maroon Oak shares reasons for creating quality content through video, and tips on what you can share that attracts customers and prospects to your business.

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  1. Nicole 1 year ago

    A video is the way to share content! It is a viral concept that can be beneficial to everyone!

  2. Mackenzie Jervis 1 year ago

    Videos are a great way to share information online. I tend to watch videos more than read blog posts when it’s something more for entertainment. I want to start making more video content soon.

  3. Chastity 1 year ago

    I am such a fan of video content over just simply posts with photos. It just more interesting and you get to see all aspects of the person behind the blog or brand.

  4. Bridget C. 1 year ago

    This is something I am working on now. Especially since I am an outdoor & travel blogger! I am currently working on doing gear review videos

  5. I’ve been really thinking lately that I should do some video content, thanks for giving me an extra little push – great tips.

  6. Brandi 1 year ago

    Love this video – great tips!

  7. 1 year ago

    I see way more videos being shared on Facebook than there were before. Makes sense to spread yuor message that way.

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