6 Ways to a Winning Mindset

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and find your work-life balance out of control?
Watch these quick tips on the ‘6 S’s for Sustainable Change’ by Integrative Coach Kara Hodes- Wechsler and use them to make changes for a healthier & happier life.

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  1. LavandaMichelle 12 months ago

    I like the “vlogs” or “video blogs.” These were intriguing tips. I agree a stable work and life balance is detrimental.

  2. Danielle Faith 12 months ago

    Having a balance between my work and personal life is very difficult. It is one of the reasons I do social media and work from home for a living.

  3. Damond Nollan 12 months ago

    All good tips, but my favorite is schedule. I am big on scheduling my day and ensuring that I have time to get all that I need done.

  4. Ally Jones 12 months ago

    I love all of these. You’ve made something so unobtainable finally obtainable!

  5. Sapna Krishnan 12 months ago

    I definitely needed these tips. I work from home and the struggle to balance is overwhelming with a small child and no help. I often find myself losing it because I feel I am overworked.

  6. Ophelia T 12 months ago

    Work life balance is so important in our society. We tend to overwork ourselves, and we all need a break. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lynnette Joselly 12 months ago

    Yes please, I need help! Working too much and trying to keep up with my social life with friends and family isn’t that easy.

  8. Jen Temcio 12 months ago

    Everyone can put these tips to use for a more balanced life!

  9. These are all manageable steps and that’s the key to success. I know I get overwhelmed by trying too much too fast.

  10. Sounds like something that I could benefit from watching. I’ll bookmark and come back when I’m not in the middle of working.

  11. Jessica Taylor 12 months ago

    You hit the nail on the head. My work-life balance is horrible. I spend way too much time away from my children.

  12. emmanuel damian 12 months ago

    I really need a work-life balance. The “6 S’s for Sustainable Change”’ by Integrative Coach Kara Hodes- Wechsler seems very helpful. I hope you can post more video blogs like this. Thank you!

  13. Joan Cajic 12 months ago

    This is great I will be looking into this.

  14. Amber Myers 12 months ago

    This sounds like it would be extremely helpful. I’ll have to come back and watch the video.

  15. Erika Ramona 12 months ago

    Sometimes I do feel beaten or confused when it comes to accomplishing workload schedules. These tips are enlightening!

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