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Prachi Jain
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Me? Avid procrastinator unless I am given deadlines.
What do I do? Digital Communications
Favorite Pastime? - Reflecting on a random topic and then writing about it.

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Trunae Green
I am a mom of 2, obsessed with branding & macchiatos. I enjoy helping busy entrepreneurs create lasting brands while balancing a full schedule. I
Angela Serritella
I am a Naturopathic Dr, Nutrition Therapist, Aromatherapist and Cosmetologist. My center in Oradell helps women feel and look great from the inside and out.
Collette Maat
We help driven, bright and talented individuals build a career that is financially rewarding and gives a sense of purpose by finally being able to
Rupa Gurumurthy
Entrepreneur, Product & Operations Lead, Business Growth Leader
Pooja Krishna
Start up mindset with entrepreneurial experience. 25 years in corporates + 3 ventures.

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