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Prachi Jain
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Me? Avid procrastinator unless I am given deadlines.

What do I do? Digital Communications

Favorite Pastime? - Reflecting on a random topic and then writing about it.

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Joanne Borek
I help businesses plan, establish, and grow their online presence. I also lecture on digital marketing.
Trunae Green
I am a mom of 2, obsessed with branding & macchiatos. I enjoy helping busy entrepreneurs create lasting brands while balancing a full schedule. I
Rupa Gurumurthy
Entrepreneur, Product & Operations Lead, Business Growth Leader
Collette Maat
We help driven, bright and talented individuals build a career that is financially rewarding and gives a sense of purpose by finally being able to
Pooja Krishna
Start up mindset with entrepreneurial experience. 25 years in corporates + 3 ventures.

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