How to create a standout LinkedIn profile - Business tools and freebies

Get ahead with LinkedIn!

This Guide is a must-have to boost your presence Professionally!

Do you wonder if you need a LinkedIn Profile or its usefulness as a business owner?

Is this you…?

“I don’t need to be on LinkedIn!”

“Is it worth investing my time and effort on updating it and adding connections?”

“My audience is on Instagram (or Pinterest….etc.)”

“Don’t need any CEO connections”

“No one sends me LinkedIn invites, anyway…”

“Not looking for a job…”

But here’s the thing.

LinkedIn is a great way to build your personal brand. In fact, it’s your Online Resume!

Maybe you have an updated one and yet, it doesn’t yield the results you hope for.

Go beyond just a ‘completed Profile’…

Get the secrets to being more visible and show up in more searches

Learn what matters and what your connects are looking for

Why LinkedIn is more than only a great Profile (though that counts foremost!)

How to maximize LinkedIn when your leads come from other channels?

Want more from LinkedIn but struggling with the ‘how’?

When clients or employers are searching, you want to be found!

Enhance your visibility, brand & work prospects

Get your personalized Linkedin Profile Review with our pro team.

Linkedin Profile Review for women entrepreneurs and professionals

Is this Guide for you?

Are you an entrepreneur, self-employed professional, freelancer or job-seeker?

You are growing your network.

Your clients, employers, prospects, influencers and collaborators on LinkedIn.

Building or enhancing your personal brand is an important goal.

You have ‘semi-professional’ interests (e.g volunteer work)

You (and your business) want to show up higher on Google searches?

Then don’t miss this Guide!

Learn the secrets to a standout LinkedIn Profile  and how to create yours smartly and strategically!

How to Create your Standout LinkedIn Profile!

What’s Inside?

Create a strong LinkedIn Headline, Summary, Profile Info and get inspired by examples!

How to rock your LinkedIn Profile with top action items

5 key best practices for being on LinkedIn (and any online Network)

25 ways to enrich your Profile in different sections.

6 recommended ways to build your Network

An easy-to-use template to rock yours

14 great examples of real LinkedIn Summary, Headline

Separate sections for each LinkedIn feature so you can easily focus your efforts.

Ready to craft your 5 star LinkedIn Profile?

  1. Erika 3 years ago

    Great article! I was looking for ways to get more involved with LinkedIn, this was helpful

  2. C.ken 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing

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