80+ creative blog name ideas and 10 clever ways to find yours!

80+ creative blog name ideas and 10 clever ways to find yours!
How to name your blog so that it's findable and has a strong brand appeal too. Explore these 80+ creative blog name ideas and clever tips.

Every blog needs a great name to make it unique, findable and memorable. If you’re grappling with the question on how to name your blog, look no further. Explore these innovative ideas for blog names across multiple niches. Plus, get awesome ideas and pro tips that will help you find just the right name, when you start a blog!

Your blog’s name is the biggest part of its identity!

First off, it underscores your content. Whether yours is a food blog or you are a lifestyle blogger, your blog name defines your work. A lot of bloggers start a blog as a hobby or a recreational activity, and many take it to a professional level. Or maybe, you want to monetize your blog, as well as market your expertise. Any way you look at it, your name needs to stand out. 

The name is also the brand for your blog – your logo, tagline and other elements are often derived from it.

Should you start with naming your blog?

Ideally, no.

Interestingly, while most people look for Blog names as the first step, that should not be your starting point. The reason – your blog name needs to be relevant to what you actually write. Think long term – a fun or catchy or insightful name is difficult to justify if it doesn’t match your content direction a year or two later. 


What if you named your blog The Mama Tales because you want to share your motherhood experiences. But you end up expanding to travel and shopping a year later, because you’ve exhausted the original topic?

Complete these 2 important steps before you decide your blog’s name


Niche before name.

Identify a broad direction  for your blog. Or, go a step further and develop a clear, well-defined niche. This will really – really! – help you name your blog more appropriately, so that it stays relevant even in future.

Explore the 5 key steps to define – or refine – your blog niche, with tons of great examples. 


Know your Content direction

Again, this is a top-level step. If you have 10-15 blog posts ideas on your chosen topic, you’re golden. 

I highly recommend finalizing the name of your blog after you have completed these two steps. 

You’ll thank yourself.

Now, if you have a handle on your blog niche, and a content direction, you are ready to christen your blog. 

Explore these 80+ creative blog name ideas and clever ways to brand yours

There are actually no rules for the actual name of your blog; only creative approaches!  Before you start ideating, here are 4 practical thumb-rules to consider.


* You absolutely need a domain name (or URL) for your chosen name, which is the biggest challenge for selection. The hardest ones are the dot com (.com) websites, but fortunately you have other choices. (.biz, .us, .net etc.) So before you get too excited about a name, you need to simultaneously check for blog names that aren’t taken. Choose your blog domain name wisely since that’s the one thing you can’t change easily!

Check here to see if a URLor domain name is available for your chosen word or phrase.


* Cap your name to 2 to 4 words, or a phrase.


* In addition to your brainstorming, explore the free blog name generator tools for creative ideas. Several also give you the option to check if your chosen URL is available for a low cost.


* Consider the feelings you want to evoke. Do you want it to be witty (The Write Life), funny (Fit Bottomed Girls), warm (On Being), or literal (The Real Food Dieticians)

How to name your blog – try  these 10 innovative directions!

Numerous bloggers have done some smart thinking in their respective blogging niche along with clever ‘wordsmithery.’ 


  • Blog name with your theme word + a noun/ verb – most popular but competitive

  • Niche down with your chosen theme – specific invites targeted readership

  • Connect two (or more) themes – helps you focus on topic and audience

  • Use a pun along your theme words – needs thought, but lots of fun

  • Include your own name in the blog – great for personal accounts

  • ‘Mis-spell’ a popular word – easier to find domain names

  • Use a symbolic word or phrase – easier than using theme word

  • Try an uncommon or unusual word – need to search but easy to secure domain

  • Combine unrelated words – needs a directly relevant tagline

  • Add a word or preposition to theme phrase – small adds, easier to land domain

  • A mixed bag – use a combo of above rules, to win!


Now explore each direction with lots of examples and personal stories too. Don’t overlook the personal connection, when you’re naming your blog.

Choose your blog name around your core theme

If your blog is around a particular topic or theme, a popular and practical way is to use a root word that describes your mission or main subject. Popular subjects are food, parenting, garden, DIY, fashion and finance. But there are literally, hundreds of other topics that you might choose to write about, so pick a name accordingly.

 Pro tip: Enrich your theme word with a well-chosen verb or noun.

Kristen Hubert named her blog Scrap Fabric Love and it’s all about quilting and sewing with scrap fabric! 


Upcycle My Stuff is full of DIY tutorials to help folk make the most of all their unused ‘stuff’ whether that is just old junk or actual rubbish. Kristen Hubert also shares another layer that “hints to that inner transformation that goes on in a person when they turn ‘trash to treasure’.”


Oh My! Omaha is a hyperlocal travel blog. Kim Bousquet Reiner says that “it’s easy to remember, plus it has the name of my hometown, it already so it ranks well for things.” 

Given that ‘health’ is a highly popular blogging category and keyword (and therefore super-competitive), adding the right adjectives makes it accessible and enhances it. Primal Edge Health is “dedicated to helping people take back their health with low-carb nutrition and lifestyles, keto recipes and DIY body care tutorials.”


Keto is another highly contested word, so Cute N Keto focuses on all kinds of easy keto food recipes! 


Scary Mommy is the well known blog, community and ecommerce platform for millennial moms.


Pro tip: When you start with an SEO focus for your blog name, you’re multiplying your searchability. Explore the best free tools for your blog’s SEO!

Happy Kitchen.Rocks is a blog for healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes. It uses .rocks in the URL that made this competitive domain name available and added a great adjective, to boot. 


Teach Beside Me uses teaching with the symbolism of togetherness. The blog shares “creative ideas for other educators. It is like we are walking beside each other & working together to educate our children in fun and creative ways!”


An Off Grid Life is self-explanatory, but it also clarifies further with the tagline – Homesteading, Homeschooling, Self-Reliance.


 The Postpartum Party  is a great mom blog name example. Through the use of an upbeat word, Amy Ball Motroni aims to help new moms celebrate motherhood! 

Use a popular symbol or metaphor 

A symbolic word or phrase gives you a lot more flexibility in finding the domain name, yet it’s easy to build association with your readers. From an SEO perspective, it is a lot easier to build traction for your blog, than it is for blog names with popular or more common words. This is especially true when you are in a competitive niche like a food blogging or write as a mom blogger.

In this example, the use of the word lark instead of bird gives the blogger a more flexible option. Plus, using a rhyming name adds a hint of fun as well.

Spark Lark is a birdwatching blog for families wanting to create a bird-friendly garden in their backyard. A “spark bird” is birder terminology for the bird that sparked your interest in birding. 


The words in Saving Talents have multiple meanings.Saving refers to both economizing as well as preservation from spiritual danger. Similarly, Talents not only means special ability but also an old unit of weight. The blogger feels that “this blog meets all 4 of those different combinations..” (of word meanings).


The Forked Spoon is where the author shares her family-friendly recipes, real-life stories, and travel adventures. In addition, the name is symbolic since it also reflects her unusual personal journey and outlook born out of untimely illness.


A blog for parents with kids obsessed with dinosaurs, 65 Million Years has fun crafts, food, and activities all related to dinosaurs.


Straight to the Hips, Baby’ reflects the blogger’s love of sugar, butter, and cocktails! And she added a little personality with ‘baby’, at the end.


Bacon is Magic was named both for content and due to a personal connection. “Most of my recipes have a little bit of pork in them. Just enough no one would know but it added a depth to the flavour – it was a common joke between my friends that something tasted so good because bacon is magic.”

Pro Tip: Explore popular symbolisms in literature, poetry and media to find inspiration.


Tamara Tsaturyan’s blog The Pomegranate Mom is a nod to her heritage. She calls herself a “Christian Armenian mom who likes all burgundy,” using the national symbol of Armenia representing  fertility, new life, and abundance. Plus. it’s her favorite fruit.


Sweet tooth and sass is a baking blog from ‘a sassy girl from the midwest.’ 


A popular phrase, that always rings a bell, You Don’t Look That Old – a health & wellness site for the over 40s. 


A food blog with ice cream, popsicles and dessert recipes is aptly called Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream.


Pro Tip: Use alliteration, or borrow from idioms or quotes to make your blog name more memorable.


Snack Rules started as a food blog with “rules” to go with each recipe – either naughty (decadent food) or nice (healthy). Over time it evolved into an ultrarunning, outdoor adventure, and food blog.


More Wages  was born “because we all love to earn more in whatever we do, because more money=more freedom.”

Start, grow and monetize your blog!

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Chickpea & Herb is a blog for vegan recipe development and sustainable living ideas that uses food names to denote content.


Red Tricycle is a blog cum magazine that “helps every parent feel like a rock star by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids.”


My Yellow Apron is a blog about Easy Indian Cooking. The domain name uses the suffix .kitchen, which is smart, for multiple reasons.


Crave the Good is “inspiring adventurous home cooks one damn good recipe at a time.” 


A blog for “easy recipes and craft ideas for busy parents,” Crayons & Cravings is both descriptive and alliterative.

Niche down within your chosen blog category

A cleverly phrased name, Chef Not Required is a “cooking blog highlighting recipes that use supermarket ingredients and no fancy equipment.”


A highly niche blog, I Love Painted Rocks shares rock painting ideas and tutorials plus information on how to play the hide and seek rocks game.

Add a pun to your theme words

Well Balanced Women educates and empowers body-wise women with health and wellness topics.


Aarika Chilson, a fan of everything beets, puns, and Michael Jackson, created Just Beet It. The blog shares “recipes and articles along with lots of fun facts and punny quips to brighten your day!” 


The team behind Who Gives a Crap makes super-soft, 100% recycled toilet paper, and donates 50% of profits to build toilets in the developing world.


Two Peas and their Pod is an example of a food blog where couple Maria and Josh share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. 

Find your Blog Niche Toolkit

Include your own name 

A lot of bloggers incorporate their own first and come and / or last names into their blogs. This is particularly true if you are sharing personal insights. Using a blogger’s name works very well for travel, lifestyle, opinion and even parenting blogs Plus, the added benefit that your name will never change.

Because their business is often by referral, many Coaches prefer using their name in their blog. Also, if your are already an established brand, then using your name makes even more sense. 


A personal journey blog, NandyZ Soulshine is about “trusting who I know I truly am and letting my soul shine instead of my insecurities and fears…”


Christina Conte shares her family’s Scottish and Italian recipes and more with Christina’s Cucina. Born in Scotland to Italian parents, her logo includes a Scottish thistle as well. 


Looking to design or commission a logo for your brand? Start with these top logo design rules to elevate your brand


Diana Bouchard was inspired by their homestead name, to name their blog Wandering Hoof Ranch. It represents their “journey of living a happier, handmade homegrown life and helping others to do so.”


Kimmothy Lane calls her blog  Kimmothy Creates, which focuses on different lifestyle aspects.

Mis-spell a popular word or phrase 

This gives you a lot of flex, particularly if you can’t find a URL for your chosen words or phrases. Make sure that the mis-spelling appears intentional rather than an oversight.

Fix SHE.t Up is a blog to “refinish furniture, build things and help inspire women that they can do anything around the house they want!” There is another layer to this according to the author. “The name is a play on another four letter word but put in SHE instead.”

Budget Bytes shares tips for cooking on a budget is a great food blog name example that also uses this technique.

Kitchn and Houzz are two more food and home decor blog names examples that mis-spell a popular word, but still retain the meaning.

Try a novel or unusual verb or adjective 

The Zhush, an interior design & style blog, comes from a verb, that means to primp or spruce things up! Everyone’s life can use a little ZHUSH:)


The life we share is a blog to simplify life in order to have less stress and more time. The name is from the author’s belief that by sharing what we know, we can enrich those around us. 

key elements of a killer blog post

Choose unrelated words or a phrase with a symbolic meaning (to you)

Using this approach will make your task more challenging initially because your users will not be able to see the direct correlation between your name and your content. but in the long run this had two immensely because you’re not competing with larger websites that use words like food or vegan or motherhood etc.


Maroon Oak is a business community for women to connect, and share skills and resources. Maroon is the color of tempered strength and the mighty Oak a symbol of resilience. Together, they represent feminine strength and community.


Sum of their Stories is a craft blog “from a line in a poem about the connection we have to our mothers. I started the blog 6 months after my mum passed away, really as a way to pass on skills and enthusiasm that she and my grandmoms had passed on to me when I was younger.”

Pro Tip: You can also use your logo and choice of colors to further the symbolism. SO don’t worry if the direct meaning is not apparent from the blog name alone.


Shrimp Salad Circus is a DIY blog that empowers busy women to live a perfectly imperfect creative life.


Many parents are inspired by their kids. An example is the kids arts and craft blog Lil Tigers named after the author’s “3 beautiful, fearless and wild little Tigers.”


Savvy Honey is a lifestyle blog helping people live easier through easy recipes, DIY and holiday ideas, money saving tips and more. The author wanted “savvy” to be in the name, given the overall theme of ways to live a savvy life. 


A blog which has “crazy DIY projects about fashion accessories, home decor and art n craft ideas,” Shimmering Strings is a versatile blog name. 

Pro Tip: Write down words and phrases that are meaningful to you. Brainstorm, don’t critique yet. Set it aside and revisit after a day or two.

A pop culture/ geeky lifestyle blog where the author also talks about her “disabilities to spread awareness about them.”  Her mantra is –  I’m not just getting by; I’m Just Geeking By.


In Champagne and Coffee Stains, the author shares “my family’s healthy(ish) recipes, parenting tips, toddler activities and fitness tips for moms.” The name comes from trying to keep an organized, sophisticated life while keeping it real and knowing things can be a hot mess being a mom.


Venture 1105  is a food and travel blog that Annie William and her husband write together. “1105 represents the number of miles we traveled to see each other in the early days of our long-distance relationship.” 


Two Pink Peonies is a recipe and preschool activities blog. “My husband painted a beautiful portrait of two pink peonies as a wedding gift to me. And I thought that it would be a fun blog name.”


Blue World Dreams is a food, finance, and Greek travel tips blog. The name and logo are inspired by the author’s “goal and dream to move to Greece with the help of my blog.”


A blog by a busy mom of 7, The Chaos and The Clutter captures “everything related to family life, but in recent years, have narrowed my focus to special needs parenting, sensory, and family connection.” 


Pink Fortitude is “dedicated to those who want to turn their chronic illness into wellness one clean and green step at a time.” Pink is the nod to breast cancer, and Fortitude was a special word shared between Holly and her mother,  who fought Addison’s Disease for a long time. 

Add a word or preposition to popular words to grab your unique name

This is a smart twist, and an easy V to grab popular and highly sought-after words in your blog name and URL. Make sure that the word you incorporate is relevant and logical. and it’s even better if that has any particular personal reference.


A craft/DIY blog, the name for Our Crafty Mom was born out of a joke between the author and her kids, since she would always craft with them and their friends. 


Paula McTune Jones’s blog is Call Me PMc, her nickname (& my initials before she was married).


Rookie Moms captures the elements of beginning motherhood.

Connect different themes to niche down

You don’t have to restrict yourself to one category. In fact, it’s great if you don’t. This enables you to create more focused content, which eventually performs better in the long run.


The author at The Winged Fork  “always loved cooking for friends, family, and colleagues. And I love travel. Imagine a fork traveling flying all over the world in search of food to try and it’s easy to see why I picked it too!”


A home gardening blog for beginners, Garden Thyme has a variety of recipes that include your freshly grown herbs and veggies. 


 Moms CAN Create was “born from my desire to help other moms find that balance and create the home life they desire.” The capitalized ‘can’ adds a positive note of emphasis as well.


 Creative Green Living helps “families make sustainable, nontoxic choices that are beautiful and delicious – with an emphasis on crafts, DIY, gardening, recipes and more.”


Ksenia Prints is a third generation immigrant, and her family’s cooking “is a complete melange or flavors and cultures.” So her blog At the Immigrant’s Table started as an attempt to re-create traditional dinner table recipes, but with a modern twist, as well as stories of other immigrants and their foods!


Pro Tip: brainstorm to choose a ‘sub niche’ along with your core one. This helps you not only name your blog smartly but also focus your content direction.


Modern Hipster Mama is “helping mamas find style, sanity, & sisterhood.”


On the other hand, Mom Money Map is all about treasuring time and money. 


Wander Spice is a food blog name that “focuses on vegetarian, vegan, low carb recipes from around the world. We highlight spices and herbs from specific regions, too. So wander – global cuisine exploration and spice for obvious reasons.” 


The Sweet Wanderlust is a travel blog for people with a sweet tooth and a taste for adventure!


A crafts, decor and woodworking blog name example, Girl, Just DIY! believes that  “women can do anything they put their minds to.” 


Joy Filled Eats is the creation of a “diet blogger and someone who has struggled with my weight most of my life. It’s important to me that even diet food be joyful.”


The name Love Sweat Fitness captures all the aspects that the author wants to convey on fitness and nutrition.

Combine or blend two words to create a new name


Blue World Dreams is a food, finance, and Greek travel tips blog. “The name and logo are inspired by my goal and dream to move to Greece with the help of my blog,” shares the author.


When trying to come up with something unique that really expressed what I wanted to share, I combined the words cute and confetti to get Cutefetti.


Organizenvy  (one word) is about transforming one’s “envy” of others’ organized spaces and creating your own, with tips on decluttering and organizing the home. 

A mixed bag – or blog – of ideas!

Blogger Joanna Goddard’s blog A cup of Jo is a great example of a lifestyle blog name, which incorporates her initials within a popular phrase.

A food blog by Lynetter Moore, Moore or Less Cooking incorporates her name and the theme of her content, as well.


The blogger at Hess Un-Academy chose this name “because while we do homeschool (hence the academy) we are very unique in our style and kind of bounce around from method to method, making our homeschool unusual (hence the un) and then the Hess is our last name.”


Passive Income Superstars teaches bloggers “how to make money whilst they sleep via affiliate marketing and emailing marketing.”


Whether you’re looking for a creative name, or a descriptive one (or a blend), your options are numerous. But once you’ve decided, your blog’s name is here to stay so choose wisely.

Make sure you do your homework with the first 2 steps, brainstorm a little or a lot, and check that the URL you want is available. 

Go ahead, let inspiration get a hold of you.

Happy Christening!

Pooja Krishna is an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Mom. She has worked both in large corporates and managed startups over the last 20+ years. 

She’s  a co-founder at Maroon Oak, and is founded Win Thinks, where she writes, speaks and teaches about Digital Media, Brand Building and Future Ready Businesses. A day trader for over a decade, Pooja launched Trading Paces to educate amateur and pro stock traders. As a classroom mentor, Pooja loves teaching students across the U.S. about job skills and entrepreneurship. Read about her on Huffington Post and Forbes.

A trivia buff and yoga & hula hoop enthusiast, she’s discovering the pleasure of drawing Zentangle patterns for ‘creative mindfulness.’

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  1. Annie 3 years ago

    Great tips! Thinking of a name can be so hard and SUCH a common reason to procrastinate actually starting a blog!

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  3. Ally 3 years ago

    I love all these ideas! Especially using your own name, that’s what I did for mine 🙂

  4. Brittany 3 years ago

    These are fantastic tips and very informative. Great job writing this post. I’m going to pin it to my blogging board on Pinterest to help others.

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    Great details! I could have used this before I picked my blog name! But I can aways still change it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Latraila Tolbert 3 years ago

    This is a very detailed and informative on how to create a blog name. I also love all the sample mentioned blogs. Thank you for these!

    • Pooja Krishna Author
      Pooja Krishna 3 years ago

      Glad you liked these, LaTraila – appreciate the feedback.

  7. Holly 3 years ago

    Hi Pooja – I love reading all of the stories behind blog names that I know and read. So much fun. PINNED! Thank you for including Pink Fortitude. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

    • Pooja Krishna Author
      Pooja Krishna 3 years ago

      Thanks, Holly. Loved the story about Pink Fortitude and the name and content are both inspiring!

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