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Do you have an awesome digital product for business? Want traffic, conversions and access to a targeted audience. Find out how other women subject matters are sharing and winning with their Business Tools and Freebies- videos, worksheets, guides, eBooks, podcasts, templates, webinars, masterclass etc.

List your Business Tools and Freebies!

Share your top digital products on our Marketplace – the best resource for women entrepreneurs looking for solutions on all things business and personal development.

100+ Products – and counting – shared by expert women entrepreneurs so far!

You can join the list with your Digital Products

An awesome digital tool, a mind-blowing opt-in, or a lead magnet – related to business, social media, blogging, productivity, web & eCommerce, legal and more!

Your product can be in any digital format – e.g. courses, videos, worksheets, guides, eBooks, podcasts, templates, webinars, masterclass etc. (If you offer a service, you can always list it for free on the Member Directory)

The product must be your own. No affiliate links allowed.

It must be a free product.

And yes, it’s Free to list your Free Product(s).

 (Want to list your awesome Paid Products? Sign up as a Pro Member. Pay a small fee and that’s it! No commissions, no affiliate payouts). 

Give your work the audience it deserves!

Your Product gets the views and traffic, and conversions happen on YOUR platform. And we get to offer our audience a fast (& free) way to find the right tools & expertise – a win-win!

See this example of a product listed on the Marketplace. The best part – the Buy button goes directly to the creator’s own website (which could be yours!)

More info in the FAQs

Let your lead magnets and digital products win!

Get started

Complete the online application below. If your submission meets our Guidelines, we will let you know as soon as we add it to the Marketplace.

Please note: Submitting a product does not guarantee inclusion.

FAQs for Listing your Digital products

Is Maroon Oak for me?

If you (or your audience) are a woman entrepreneur, professional, business owner, freelancer or a mom looking to launch (or relaunch) your career, then you are at the right place!

How does listing a product benefit me?

Listing your digital product on Maroon Oak’s Curated Marketplace  is an great source of visibility and business leads. Anytime a customer clicks on the Buy (or Subscribe or Get) button, they land on your website or landing page.

In other words, the traffic comes to you and your email list grows. 

What is a Curated Marketplace and will that help me?

Curation is simplifying the process of search and selection. It helps in many ways – our search filters help visitors find and choose the right products easily.

Products can be selected by category, type, cost, even ratings e.g. a visitor can search by Blogging (category) or Template (type) or Free (cost).

So if someone looking for eBook that helps create good looking content, and get it free, they can find it on our Marketplace.

How do customers pay for/ download my products?

Customers on the Maroon Oak Marketplace are directed to your website and then follow the directions that you have set. On Maroon Oak, they have the ability to create their wishlist with digital products from different vendors and they can proceed to buy whenever they are ready.

Will Maroon Oak promote my digital products?

Maroon Oak promotes pro-members and their tools in emails, social media posts, video promotions and ads. Pro-members with a complete profile, great tools and positive reviews have a good chance of getting featured.

How do I get started?

Simple sign up for a Pro membership on Maroon Oak and start adding your products right away.

How can I maximize my product listings? How can I get reviews?

Create a product with a relevant, catchy name; include a high-quality description and images. The most important aspect is your actual product – offering great tips and value, presented attractively is sure to get you solid ratings and reviews. Finally, encourage your fans to leave a review for you.

I have Paid Products. Can I list those?

Yes, you absolutely can. Pro Pro Members have many listed many Paid Products.

Pay a small one-time fee to become a Pro Member. List your paid products and get loads of other benefits. No commissions or affiliate fees payable.

All this comes at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

We don’t charge commission on sales or click fee (other platforms do). Just one flat, monthly, low-cost membership.

Not just reach but traffic too. Unlike other platforms, you get the clicks, and conversions happen on YOUR website.

As a valued member, you are automatically eligible for spotlights and promotions by Maroon Oak.

You can follow other entrepreneurs, make new collaborations & get inspired by content shared & created by others.

Our Marketplace is the go-to place for your digital downloads, opt-ins and lead magnets.

Be a part of a highly curated Marketplace – your products appear in multiple searches.

Get more web traffic and views – all purchases and subscriptions happen on YOUR web or social platform!

You convert so you capture emails and opportunities for future sales.

Ample opportunities for upsells, cross sells and related product sales.

Reach our large audience of women business owners, mompreneurs & careeristas.

Multi channel marketing – your products get repeat visibility via the web, social and email.

Strengthen your sales funnel with your lead magnets, opt-ins and other free products.

Make more money on your courses and webinars.

Market to niche audiences (by industry, segment or proficiency) on a women’s platform.

Maroon Oak is the leading Community for Women Entrepreneurs, Careeristas, and Relaunchers – in addition to the Marketplace, you can List your Business and find freelance Opportunities – FREE!

Thank you for stopping by!

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