4 Great Tools for Empaths in Entrepreneurship

Great tools for empaths in entrepreneurship
Win at business with 'empathy.'  If you're a highly sensitive person who absorbs the energy around them, you'll make an excellent business dreamer. Get these great tools for empaths in entrepreneurship that help you stay focused and score. Plus, a self assessment to get to know yourself and your working style better.

If you are an entrepreneur you likely entered this field for one of two reasons.  

You tried the 9-5 and it made you wilt into a pile of hopelessness and despair and you decided that instead of wasting one more minute of post-it-notes and meetings, you were going to be your own boss and probably take over the world (I may be projecting a little).  

The second likely scenario is that you have a burning passion to help others based on your own personal success, or your own skill or talent that you know will make the world a better place.  

For both of these scenarios, the common denominator is the empathic entrepreneurial soul.

Empaths are highly sensitive people who absorb the energy around them.  They make excellent business dreamers. You know you are one if you are deeply in touch with what your client needs, know when someone is being dishonest, work well by yourself, yet appreciate connecting with others in short bursts.

Find out if you possess the traits of an empath entrepreneur

As an empath, you also know the challenges of starting your own business and trying to maintain a sense of sanity, even when you are constantly bombarded with other people’s energy.

But how do you deal when the constant push and pull of business undermines your own success?

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Here are my 4 great tools to help empaths like you kick ass and stay focused.

Plus, a self assessment to get to know yourself and your working style a little better and win at business.  

Tune into your businessStay Connected to your Vision

Empaths are usually multi-talented, with a desire to help people.  As such, you may start your business with one vision, and be easily pulled off track by the sparkling temptation of running several projects, even though they are not in alignment with your core mission. That’s why being aware of your overall goal at the onset (and thereafter too) leads you like a North Star.

Define your mission statement in a few sentences and include the company’s vision, core values, and goals.  Here is our mission statement at Intuitiflow: Bree and Lindsay are called to teach others to connect with their own intuition in order to live their most meaningful lives.  Together they are dedicated to working with clients and students to identify physical, emotional and energetic blockages, unraveling patterns, and to raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole.  

Notice all of your talents and identify which will suit you best in staying true to what you stand for, then feed your other talents through volunteer work, hobbies, or personal projects. Your mission statement can change as your work evolves.  Read your statement regularly, and use it as a tool to ground you in your work and remain aligned with your goals.

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Don’t burn outGround Yourself

Being an entrepreneur can mean that in one workday you are building out a newsletter, creating social media content, having introduction calls, recording online workshops and transcribing your podcast.  This all gets smashed between chugging coffee and eating whatever you can, on a 10-minute lunch break.

“For empaths, this is the superhighway to burn out.”

While you may be a master of multitasking, you will benefit from also becoming a master at grounding.  It can be as quick and simple as looking up from your computer and naming things you see. “That is my family photo, the floors are hardwood,” you might say. Or, “I see my cat, the walls are white etc…”  You can also ground through meditations, or by taking your socks off and letting your feet touch solid ground. Eat earthy foods for at least one meal per day: root vegetables, protein, berries etc.  Giving yourself a sense of connection to the earth creates stability and can help you focus and make more thoughtful decisions.

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Tame the overwhelm – Hire Someone

As I mentioned earlier, empaths are multitalented, and this leads to thinking that you can run all aspects of your business by yourselves.  When I started Intuitiflow with my business partner, I decided that I would design and build our website, do all marketing, and create content.  I was determined to not pay anyone a single cent for work I could do myself. I was unable to see that the social media and marketing world literally changes by the minute.  The tools and information that I used in past marketing jobs, were not serving me anymore. I pushed through for the first year and a half of our business but was burning out and hardly getting results.  

This was until, Lindsay, my business partner, found us a marketing pro who grew our Instagram account exponentially, re-built and optimized our website, created a Facebook group The Authentic Empath, and loaded us up with active group members.  Stephanie has not used one dollar in paid ads, she simply uses her magical techniques for organic growth.

I have learned to stop cringing at the first of every month, when I write one check to my landlord, and another to Stephanie. Despite the fact that I can market and run social media, passing that work to someone who is passionate about marketing, leaves me to do the work that I love – writing, speaking, creating, and helping.  Now that I have lightened my load, I spend time growing the parts of the business that I love. I am able to pass all of my knowledge, and skill on to our beautiful clients, and zero time wondering how to make a killer sales funnel.

Embrace structure – Set Boundaries

Over the years I have listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, read SO many books and articles and don’t even get me started on all the inspirational entrepreneurs I follow on social media.  A common thread among even the most successful entrepreneurs is the belief that your day starts at 5 am and ends at 11 pm, you eat, drink and sleep your business. If you are not putting in 110%, you are not dedicated.  

I am going to sharply contradict this.  For empaths in entrepreneurship, the best way to maximize your time, and focus on the task at hand, is to set boundaries in all areas of your life.  Choose a time to unplug from all devices each evening, take a full hour lunch break each day. Limit the amount of pro bono clients you take, and stop volunteering for every task force you are asked to be on.  Meditate and engage in self-care unapologetically. Empaths become overwhelmed easily, and typically require alone time to recharge. I do wake up early most mornings, but instead of diving into work, my day starts with a meditation, then coffee.  This gets the creative juices flowing and fires me up to take on the day.

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Self Assessment

Know yourself a little better – Find out what Kind of Empath you are (or even if you aren’t, do you possess any of  these qualities?)

There are 8 core categories that most highly sensitive people fall into and I’ve shared them below. But you will notice as you research your type that there may be up to 20 different types.

Claircognizant – clear knowing, or knowing without evidence

Physically receptive – you can feel other people’s physical pain

Fauna – you connect easily to animals

Geomantic – you are inexplicably drawn to certain places, sites or buildings

Medium – you connect with the spirit world

Precognitive – you have a highly attuned intuition and may have visions of the future that come true

Telepathic – you are attuned to others’ unexpressed thoughts

Psychometric – you connect and receive information from the energy of objects.  i.e. You may know information about the owner of a watch you picked up off the ground

Read more about the 8 advantages highly sensitive people bring to business.

How this helps you

Self-awareness is key to learning about your abilities, and using them to improve your business, thereby improving the lives of your clients.  As a claircognizant, I can skip a lot of the exploratory small talk with my clients, and cut to the chase. They love that this saves time, and because I build a strong rapport while going deep with people, quickly.  I am also physically receptive, so I have to pay attention to my physical self and notice if I am taking on the physical symptoms of my clients, or if I have my own pain. This saves me a lot of sick days!

Bree Sutton is a Mental Health Clinician & Energy Worker based in Alaska. Bree’s empathic approach to holistic wellness leads her to be sought out to guide life transformations, leading clients to the divine fulfillment of their soul’s purpose. You can connect with her on Intuitflow.


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  1. Shannon Gurnee 4 months ago

    I hadn’t even heard of an Empath Entrepreneur before. I’m an Entrepreneur and think these are some fabulous tips.

  2. Amber Myers 6 months ago

    Oh man, I struggle with getting burnt out. I am working on that. Or I’ll get distracted. So these are some helpful tips.

  3. Tara Pittman 6 months ago

    I tend to multitask too much. I need to start focusing more on one thing.

  4. Konstantina Antoniadou 10 months ago

    Sometimes I loose sight of my vision but fortunately I have people around me that keep me on track.

    • Breanne Sutton Author
      Breanne Sutton 10 months ago

      Konstantina, how awesome that you have people around to help keep you on track! I can easily become distracted, but I usually take that as a sign that I need a quick water break or a minute to stretch, shake it off and get back to work!

  5. sabrina barbante 10 months ago

    these tools sounds interesting and very useful mainly because you also focus on the impotent matter of stress and time management.

  6. fashionandstylepolice 10 months ago

    I love this post. The tips resonate with me. I need to ensure I don’t burn out or become overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing.

    • Breanne Sutton Author
      Breanne Sutton 10 months ago

      Awesome! I’m so glad that you connect with the tips. It can be a challenge to balance work life and personal life, especially as an empath, but is definitely doable.

  7. Rhian westbury 10 months ago

    You’re so right about not burning out, a lot of people push themselves too much and it can have an adverse affect. When I’m working I always set myself times to work to make sure i don’t do too much x

    • Breanne Sutton Author
      Breanne Sutton 10 months ago

      Yes! I use that one as well. I make sure to put my phone away and commit to not doing work on it when I’m with the kids. So hard, but it’s worth it to practice the art of NOT multitasking, but having full focus on whatever is in front of me.

  8. Liz Bayardelle 10 months ago

    I definitely trend in this direction, so I loved this list! I especially agreed with the section on setting boundaries! So hard and counterintuitive, but so necessary!

    • Breanne Sutton Author
      Breanne Sutton 10 months ago

      Phew! I’m glad you enjoyed this part, I just know that when I work ridiculous hours, I may see a boost in my business, but I don’t feel good physically, and my family isn’t happy, haha. Boundaries have been huge for me.

  9. Gena 10 months ago

    I agree, it’s so important to take time in order not to burn out! It gets really overwhelming sometimes ;( Great article!

    • Breanne Sutton Author
      Breanne Sutton 10 months ago

      Yes, soooo overwhelming. Luckily there are so many ideas out there to combat burn out.

  10. Enricoh Alfonzo 10 months ago

    thanks for the tips and tricks shared.
    my mom and sister would love this!
    Wow bree i related so so much to this on EVERY LEVEL! Lol actually for me it’s Both of those reasons that I chose to be an entrepreneur. I love how you articulated those reasons.

    • Breanne Sutton Author
      Breanne Sutton 10 months ago

      Wow Enricoh, thank you for this comment! I love knowing that people connect with what I am writing. It is important to recognize that an empath will burn out quicker than someone who is not so energetically connected to their surroundings. We have to take care of ourselves so our talents and gifts can be shared with this world!!

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