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Did you know that the #1 challenge for 90% of entrepreneurs is marketing their offering & getting it the right eyeballs!

The thing is – even with the best of product, no traffic = no business. Your content is where it begins. Marketing it and getting it in front of the right customers is the make or break for success.

Here’s a fabulous way to get your lead magnets and digital products before the right audience.

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As a Pro Member, you get access to the only Marketplace for Digital Products for entrepreneurs and professionals. You can list your tools & freebies like eBooks, Templates, Courses, Worksheets, Memberships, Podcasts, Webinars and much more. *

check markReach a large number of women entrepreneurs, business owners, mompreneurs & careeristas.


check markMulti channel marketing – your products get repeat visibility via the web, social and email.


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Strengthen your sales funnel with your lead magnets, opt-ins and other free products.


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Make more money on your courses and webinars.


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Market to niche groups (by industry, segment or proficiency) on a women’s platform.

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Be a part of a highly curated Marketplace – your products appear in multiple searches.


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You convert so you capture emails and opportunities for future sales.


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Ample opportunities for upsells, cross sells and related product sales.


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Show off your brand – your Vendor (or Shop) Page shows all your products too (just like Amazon).

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E.g. an eBook is a product. A website audit or logo design is a service and hence cannot be listed. If you offer a service(s), you can share it on your Member Profile.

You can add ONLY YOUR PRODUCT(S) and NOT AFFILIATE products

Products created by your business can be listed. But a Course or Webinar owned by someone else that you are Marketing is an Affiliate Product.

Maroon Oak reserves the right to flag off, delete or alter Products that don’t meet our Guidelines.

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