Using Zoom Securely On Your Devices

Remote conferencing tools like Zoom are incredibly important for remote working and communication.


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Connect virtually and securely with clients and connects!

Zoom is often preferred over Skype because it’s easier to use on your laptop (or the app on your phone). All you need to do is send an invite link (so the other person doesn’t need to download Zoom themselves.)

It’s okay if you’re not confident using technology and your clients aren’t either – we all need to start somewhere. But learning to connect remotely is critical in the new business environment.

In this Zoom mini-training by Smiley Geeks, we’ll show you how to set it up on your devices – both laptop and mobile. Also learn how to secure it so you don’t get any unwelcome guests!

This video training is public and completely free, so you can share with your loved ones and stay connected.

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