The 7-Day Content Strategy Course

Finally, an answer to all your content strategy questions!


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“This 7-day email course will teach you my secret content strategy formula- a go-to guide when creating a content marketing plan for my clients and my own business”, says Content Strategist Daniella Schoeman of Our Soulful Travels. “Now, it is all yours for FREE to use anytime you need to implement a successful content marketing strategy.”

Is this for you?

  • Are you unsure whether your business needs a BLOG?
  • Do you feel confused about CONTENT MARKETING?
  • Don’t have a CONTENT PLAN for your business yet?
  • Want to increase organic TRAFFIC to your website?
  • Want to learn how to provide real VALUE for your visitors?
  • Need to convert readers to LOYAL clients/customers?

Then get my easy to implement 5-step content strategy formula that I use to create compelling content for all of my clients. You will:

  • Get 4 quick and simple exercises that can be completed to help you get clear on how to create content that will convert.
  • Learn how to define your content goals to align with your marketing objectives
  • Define and understand who your ideal audience is and how you can use content to target this market
  • Discover which are the best platforms to share and publish content to in order to reach your perfect client
  • Determine what types of content there are and which to create for your business
  • Tips on how to come up with content ideas based on what you learned while working through the formula steps BONUS: You will get access to my exclusive list of FREE content marketing and social media marketing tools & resources


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