The 30 Most Important “Must-Haves” for Your Small Business Website

How Does Your Website Stack Up?


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Does your small business website attract, inform, convert?

Do you really know how well your small business website stacks up against your competition?
Does it convert visitors into customers?
Do your visitor stay on the site and do your customers return for more information, products or services?

“The moment of truth . .
. . . is when a visitor first comes to your website. They probably came from an offsite link; perhaps from your social media. It seems that they are interested in your offerings so … this is no time to mess it up. Your moment of truth is the first impression,” says Digital Strategist & Project Manager Sue Cubberly of Sustainable Online Presence.

This FREE course on The 30 Most Important “Must-Haves” for Your Small Business Website, will provide you with answers to these questions.

What’s inside?
From Design to Web Page Elements, the Content, Links and Images, this course will provide you a great overview on the most important things you need to evaluate and keep in mind.

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