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Let me guess …

You’re constantly posting to social media without seeing a jump in your bottom line and your lead pipeline is slowing down. You’ve tried blogging, but it takes, and you share social and it never gets seen again.

But now, picture this.

Your website is your best employee!

People search for what they want, and your site shows up in the Google results page and leads them right to your relevant content.
People are finding you around the clock, even when you’re not posting to social media.
What’s the secret?

Search Engine Optimization

But the tech of getting found can be complex.

(So try this SEO Starter Kit 🙂 )

This awesome Guide from Mega Bolt Digital is broken down into charts and tutorials, written in plain English (not Nerdspeak).

“The SEO that I teach is all based in solid business practices — without any tactics that make you feel like icky. In fact, good SEO will help every part of your online presence (not just your Google results),” says Meg.

Inside this 13-page e-book you’ll learn:

  • WTF “SEO” actually is
  • How to understand your Google search results
  • How to find (and where to use) keywords that get your content found for the right reasons
  • How to write headlines that are fun and useful


  • A tear-out SEO Blog Post Checklist
  • Two pages of Headline Mad Libs
  • The world’s best “Should I Write This Blog Post” flowchart – is your blog post a Michael, Kevin, or Stanley?
Don’t wait! Get started now!

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Looking to improve your blog, to be more searchable and sell better. Don’t miss this free Guide on the top 10 elements of a killer blog post!


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