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You know that getting to grips with Google is essential to your business, yes?
But the thought of dipping your toe in the Search Engine Optimization pond fills you with dread.

You’ve probably been avoiding SEO for one of four main reasons:

– You feel it’s too technical for you to grasp.

– You’re worried that SEO for a small business changes all the time and you’ll never keep up.
– You’re confused by all the conflicting information you’ve found online.
– You fear you don’t have time to do it yourself or the money to pay an expert.

Then check out SEO Nibbles – a free course by award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant Kate Toon.

This mini tasting platter-style course lets you try out some core elements of SEO, without ordering the full degustation menu.
Think of it as a little Googley amuse-bouche!
Because, honestly, who doesn’t like to keep their bouche amused?

Who is this course for?

– Small business owners
– Bloggers
– E-commerce store owners
– Marketing managers

Why is SEO so important?

– SEO helps get your website found by potential customers when they’re in buying mode.
– Did you know that around 71% of business transactions start with a Google search and 81%* of shoppers research online before they buy?
– It’s more powerful than Social media or Email marketing. SEO catches people when they are absolutely ready to make a purchase.
– You simply can’t afford to miss your piece of the organic search pie.

How does this free SEO course help?

After completing this 100% free SEO mini-course you’ll have:

– A sound understanding of how SEO works for a small business
– The confidence you need to embark on your SEO journey
– The first steps towards boosting your traffic and conversions
– An understanding of whether you should pay for SEO or aim for DIY
– Sources of truth that you can trust with your questions and concerns
– You’ll receive an email each day with an educational tutorial and a practical exercise to complete.

Psst: If you want to complete the course all in one day that’s fine too!

What does the course include?

– What is SEO?
– Why is SEO important?
– How Search Engines work
– The three core elements of SEO for a blog or business
– Does ranking really matter?
– Where do you really rank?
– DIY versus Outsourcing SEO
– Finding a trustworthy SEO consultant
– Finding sources of SEO truth

– Free Rank Tracker Spreadsheet
– Free SEO Consultant Checklist
– Free Ultimate SEO Checklist

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