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Are you looking to dip your toes into SEO and finally address that elephant in the room? Are you intrigued by all the hype surrounding content writing for SEO?

A strong SEO will help your blog and business in numerous ways!

– It enables you to build authority and grow organic traffic quickly

– It converts well for affiliate marketing (as well as more ad revenue)

– Is longer lasting and more passive

– Leads to more subscribers

– Is more consistent and reliable

– You can create user-friendly websites and rank higher on search engines.

– And the biggest benefit you get is in higher conversions.

You can also monetize your content and products profitably, with the best practices for Smart SEO!

SEO for beginner bloggers or small business owners seems hard but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn the 10 Myths and Mistakes newer bloggers make, and how to avoid them with this free SEO Email Course. This course is created by Debbie Gartner who shares  ‘…500,000 pageviews/month on my blog and the majority is SEO traffic.’

Some of the SEO topics this email course will help you understand are:

-Why SEO is important

-How to accelerate SEO with Social Media

– SEO Mistakes new bloggers make

-Long-tail vs Short-tail keywords


-And how to be smarter with what you write


Don’t wait! Start now! 

Want to improve your blogs on-page SEO without hiring an agency to do this for you?

Get the awesome Easy on-page SEO for beginners eBook now and DIY your on-page SEO with ease!


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Need more help and how-to’s to conquer SEO? Get the best SEO Freebies for your business and blog!

Wondering what are SEO keywords and how to find them? Head here to ensure your content works for SEO and people who read it!

Explore the top SEO how-to guides and courses for beginners!

Stuck for ideas on what to write? How to generate awesome content!

Can Content really help your Business? Watch this video for tips on why and how content can help.


(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Free SEO Email Course

  1. Lisa

    This course helped clear questions surrounding SEO. I found it very helpful for understanding the process.

  2. Abilena jackson

    I’m new to SEO and don’t know too much tech. But there are many practical and common sense tips in this course so it was an easy follow. Only one thing is that I would have liked to know more about the SEO tools that every one talks about.

    Thank you 🙂

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