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In this free course by Lucrezia Iapichino, co-founder of BloggingforNewBloggers & and a trained lawyer specialized in EU law, find out what’s required by law from you as a blogger and kick-start your compliance to avoid lawsuits, formal complaints, and hefty fines!


– Why you need to take care of the legal side of blogging

– What are the legal requirements for you as a blogger

– What’s the difference between LLCs and Sole Proprietorships

– What’s copyright and how to protect your content

– What legal pages you must have on your blog

– What’s the GDPR and what to do to comply

– How to keep track of your income and taxes

– And so much more – all within this FREE course!

“All my legal courses and templates are suitable for bloggers based in most countries around the world including US, UK, UE, Australia, and Canada'” says Lucrezia.


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