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Does SEO seem confusing and overwhelming?

Get more details!

Product Details:

Easily conquer on-page optimization to make your blog posts rank well!

Whether you are a new or intermediate blogger, this ebook is designed to demystify the process of SEO. Writing an SEO optimized blog post is the first step to ranking well on Google. Compared to social media, SEO traffic gets you targeted customers who are much more likely to buy or convert.

But the truth is – many people get overwhelmed by SEO. With this eBook you will be able to make your content helpful for both Google and your readers!

Created by Debbie Gartner, who used SEO to get “over 500,000 page views per month,” this ebook will empower you to improve your blogs SEO without hiring an agency to do this for you.

 What does this SEO ebook cover?

  • An easy 12 step process template to write your articles
  • The 9 steps to take right after publishing your article
  • 12 tips and free tools that most people don’t realize, but are super useful
  • The value of long form content
  • The replacement for Google +
  • A printable check list for the 12 steps to a well optimized post
  • 9 steps to get your blog post indexed and active faster


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