Easy on page SEO

Does On-page SEO seem confusing and overwhelming?


Get more details!


Easily conquer on-page SEO optimization to make your blog posts rank well!

Whether you are a new or intermediate blogger, this ebook is designed to demystify the process of SEO. Writing an SEO optimized blog post is the first step to ranking well on Google. Compared to social media, SEO traffic gets you targeted customers who are much more likely to buy or convert.

But the truth is – many people get overwhelmed by SEO. With this eBook you will be able to understand on-page SEO best practices to make your content helpful for both Google and your readers!

Created by Debbie Gartner, who used SEO to get “over 500,000 page views per month,” this ebook will empower you to improve your blogs SEO without hiring an agency to do this for you. “SEO is pretty logical once you “get it.” After that, it becomes rinse & repeat. My goal is to demystify the process and show you how simple it is for beginners and others to learn SEO.”

 Why is SEO traffic so important?

  • SEO traffic is more valuable than social media traffic. You are getting targeted customers who are much more likely to buy or convert. As a bonus, they stay on page longer giving you a higher RPM if you have ads. By a conservative estimate, every pageview from organic traffic is worth at least 3x the traffic from Pinterest. (based on higher affiliate commissions, higher time on page, pages per session).
  • SEO can lead to much more traffic, and it becomes cumulative. Every time you write a new post, keeping on-page SEO in mind, it’s an opportunity to keep leveling up on your traffic and income. Further, because your posts link to each other, as one grows, it creates synergy with your other articles.
  • Organic traffic is more consistent, sustainable and passive. Once you get SEO traffic it can last for years to come. Very little additional work needs to be done over the years (unlike Pinterest where you need to create new pins, schedule all the time, etc.)
  • It’s important to diversify your traffic. Things always change, and the more sources of traffic you have, the better off you are.
  • SEO traffic is more challenging for your competitors to copy.


 What does this SEO ebook cover?

  • An easy 12 step process template to write your articles
  • The 9 steps to take right after publishing your article
  • 12 tips for SEO best practices, and free tools that most people don’t realize, but are super useful
  • The value of long form content
  • The replacement for Google +
  • A printable check list for the 12 steps to a well optimized post
  • 9 steps to get your blog post indexed and active faster


Plus, awesome bonuses:

Included in the ebook are two checklists:

  • The 12 Steps to Great On-page SEO
  • What to do AFTER You Hit Publish
    These will help you optimize all of your posts going forward. Plus, use them to update older posts too!

Don’t wait! Grab the book now!


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