Crushing the Lies That Limit Your Business

If you’re having thoughts & beliefs that are holding you back in business & life, then this book is for you!  “Crushing the Lies That Limit Your Business” tackles 6 main areas that limit a business owner’s growth & success.



What we believe, we’ll try to create.  If you’re not trying to create everything good possible, you don’t believe you can.  Here’s my guess:  You know your thoughts and beliefs about life and business are holding you back.  Likely, it’s true in other areas.  Your thoughts about success and money are tilted towards guilt.  Your deep personal beliefs about people and relationships may be steeped in mistrust.

Some beliefs are hidden below the surface of thought, hard to put a finger on — yet having a huge impact nonetheless.

Here’s good news:  You know something isn’t working for you.  Being aware is the beautiful beginning.

You can adopt new thoughts and cultivate new beliefs.

That’s what this eBook has been created for.  We’re going to tackle ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that support a mindset of lack and keep you playing small.  We’re introducing new ideas and thoughts — seeding new beliefs that will serve you well.



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1 review for Crushing the Lies That Limit Your Business

  1. Gina Bradley

    This is a great booK! I loved how Pamela gave practical ways to deal with the common problems that bother a mompreneur like me on how do I stay focused, should I expand my client base and so many more. Highly recomended!!

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