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How can you build your body of work to showcase expertise with style & clarity?

Whether you’re looking to secure that dream job, get the right companies interested in you or be noticed professionally, there is so much you can do to build more influence.

Build more influence, and consolidate it the right way.

“I’ve spent the last 12 years researching and helping people understand how to push forward and create opportunities for themselves by building more influence’” says editor, writer and marketer, Rowena Morais, the author of this eBook.

In the book, Rowena has boiled it down to three key elements:
1. Develop a clear, strong digital profile;
2. Build a network around yourself which is appreciative of your work, supports your ideas and can amplify your message;
3. Build a body of work that captures the essence of your effort and expertise.

Doing these three things will enable you to create more credibility and authenticity about who you are as a professional and build a more targeted and purposeful network.

This complimentary eBook, A Case Study on How to Build More Influence – Build a Body of Work,  is user friendly and easily digestible, offering step-by-step guidance for different people at different stages of their career.


  • How to strengthen your professional brand and use your work to showcase leadership capability.
  • The goals and the steps required to develop a long-term content strategy
  • The process for building an editorial calendar, conducting a content audit and producing specialized content
  • The habits and ways to optimize work through tools and processes
  • How to evaluate your activities to determine what constitutes success.


Invited to the TEDx stage twice, Rowena Morais is an editor, writer and coach who helps brands amplify reach and better connect with their customers through relevant and engaging content. Over the last decade, she has been helping professionals refine their LinkedIn profiles and digital presence. The Programme Director at Vertical Distinct, a media and learning organization, she supports HR and Tech professionals through digital resources and internationally accredited programmes delivered across APAC.

Author of Build a Body of Work, Rowena was the Founding Editor of HR Matters Magazine, a leading Malaysian print magazine for HR professionals, for eight years. Rowena is also Associate Editor at the HR Gazette, a North American HR publication and a weekly columnist in a Malaysian newspaper, the New Straits Times. Rowena is the Creative Director of Digital Confluence and is based in Canberra, Australia.


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